The Wadena County Sheriff’s Office, along with several law enforcement partners responded to two different incidents on the Line 3 oil pipeline replacement project this week resulting in a dozen arrests.

On Monday, July 19, approximately three dozen individuals came to the Enbridge right of way located along the Shell River. Of that group, approximately 20 trespassed onto the right of way, with six of the individuals chaining themselves together in the middle of the right of way, according to a Wadena County Sheriff's Office news release.

An extrication team arrived and removed the individuals from the chains. A total of seven people were arrested on the Monday, July 19th incident. All were arrested for gross misdemeanor trespass. They include:

  • Kristen Lynne Razowsky, 46, of Minneapolis,
  • Cheryl Lynn Barnds, 52, of Takoma Park, Md.,
  • Kelly Reta Maracle, 57, of Gowanda, N.Y.,
  • Patricia Jean Weber, 54, of Covallis, Ore.,
  • Mary Katherine Klein, 52, of Penngrove, Calif.,
  • Barbara Lee With, 66, of La Pointe, Wis.,
  • Winona Helena Laduke, 61, of Ponsford, Minn.

On Tuesday, July 20, the Wadena County Sheriff’s Office was again notified of several individuals trespassing near the drilling operation on the Shell River site. This site was also occupied by Enbridge contractors as part of the Line 3 replacement project. Five individuals breached the fence surrounding the operation.

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Two of them were quickly apprehended by law enforcement on scene while the other three were able to secure themselves to equipment on site. The extrication team again responded to assist with removing the individuals from the equipment. A total of five people were arrested during that incident. Three were arrested for felony-level theft, gross misdemeanor trespass, and unlawful assembly. Two of the individuals were arrested for gross misdemeanor trespass, unlawful assembly, and obstructing legal process with force. They were identified as:

  • Andrea Sprague Boit, 31, of Grants Pass, Ore.,
  • Seth Levin Noscanchuk, 23, of Minneapolis,
  • Nathan Walker Joseph, 32, of Murphy, Ore.,
  • Jackson Sven Froiland, 26, of Menahga, Minn.
  • Monserrat Sylvie Gerardo, 26, of New York, N.Y.

Wadena County Sheriff Michael D. Carr credits his staff, along with numerous other law enforcement agencies, for resolving both incidents without further criminal activity or injuries to the arrestees or law enforcement. The 12 individuals arrested were transported to the Wadena County Jail, where they are being held pending formal complaints from the Wadena County Attorney’s Office, according to the release.