Design moves forward on wastewater treatment upgrade

The design phase of the wastewater treatment facility upgrade for New York Mills is well underway, with the final design expected later this summer and construction to begin this fall.

The design phase of the wastewater treatment facility upgrade for New York Mills is well underway, with the final design expected later this summer and construction to begin this fall.

Jon Pratt of Ulteig Engineers provided a project summary. The existing wastewater treatment facility was constructed in 1964. In 1979 a portion of the facility was modified, including the installation of the existing center pivot irrigator for land application. The existing facility is not currently in compliance with Minnesota Pollution Control Agency regulations and must be expanded to meet current regulations and handle the additional wastewater flows.

Included in the proposed improvements are a wastewater conveyance system, aeration pond, land application/irrigation facilities, and existing stabilization pond system.

Wastewater Conveyance System

A 10-inch PVC forcemain will be constructed from the existing main wastewater pumping station to the aeration pond facility. This forcemain will be constructed parallel to the existing forcemain which will be abandoned. The new forcemain will increase the pumping capacity of the present system.


Aeration Pond

This pond will consist of constructing a two-cell primary aeration pond. It will be constructed on the existing temporary irrigation facility and an adjoining 10-acre parcel which has been purchased by the city. The aeration pond average water storage area is 12.6 acres and consists of a 6.0-acre and 6.6-acre cell. The normal high water depth of the aeration ponds is 15 feet. The two-cell aerated pond system would provide primary treatment and would eliminate the requirements to upgrade the liner in the existing stabilization Primary Pond No. 1. The aeration system would include three blowers housed in a building. These blowers will essentially aerate the pond cells and aid in the elimination of any excessive odars. The aeration pond will be lined with a 30 mil PVC liner which is covered with earth, geotextile fabric and riprap.

Land Application/Irrigation Facilities

The irrigation facilities would consist of the following components: The center pivot on the 49-acre irrigation site has been in operation for 22 years. This unit would be replaced with a new center pivot irrigator. The irrigation system will be expanded to include an irrigation pump and 10-inch irrigation pipeline for the west irrigation site. One center pivot would be installed on this site and irrigate approximately 80 acres. The future 30-acre irrigation site would require another center pivot irrigator. The city is currently working with property owners David Bauck and Kevin Dreyer for the purchase of the irrigation sites and permanent easements required for the forcemain installation.

Existing Stabalization Pond System

The existing stabilization ponds will not receive any significant improvements and will essentially be used as irrigation hold ponds upon completion of the proposed improvements.

Estimated cost of the proposed improvements is $4.1 million. The financing will likely include a Small Cities Grant (already awarded to the city), and a low-interest loan from Minnesota Facilities Authority (PFA). The city will repay the loan through the general tax levy, utility fees, and/or special assessments. The City Council has not yet determined which combination of these will be used to repay the PFA loan.

Complete plans and specifications are expected in July of this year with bidding in August. The contract could be awarded in September with construction to begin in October. Given this estimated schedule construction would be complete in October 2007.


A number of street construction projects will take place this summer in Mills. County 67/Broadway

Crews are finishing the concrete work now. This includes the sidewalks and driveway aprons. Riley Bros. will be in to place topsoil in the boulevards and hydroseed any areas disturbed during the project.

The final lift will likely be applied some time in June after everything is cleaned up.

Hidden Trails

The city and Lakes Paving have reached a tentative agreement on corrective work on the roads reconstruction last year. The contractors accepted responsibility for poor workmanship on the project and have agreed to correct the problems at the companys costs. They are expected to patch some of the rough areas and smooth out the uneven seams. Structurally, the road is fine but the overall look needs to be improved. The entire road will then be sealcoated to complete the project.

Park Street/Jaeger Addition

Street reconstruction of Park Street will continue to the intersection of Smith Avenue. Streets in the Jaeger Addition, which includes Smith Avenue, Lund Street and Larson Court, will be milled and overlayed.

Bids on the project opened April 22 and a contract could be awarded at the next City Council meeting, May 13. Work is expected to start in late May and be completed some time in July.

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