Ditch redetermination of benefits findings approved

Kevin Fellbaum

FERGUS FALLS -- A motion to accept the amended viewers report concerning redetermination of benefits for Ditch 52 in Eagle Lake Township, south of Battle Lake, was approved by county board members on Nov 5.

Ditch viewers showed a benefit to area landowners of $747,672, down from the initial benefit of $1,219,627 in March 2019.

Property owners had previously expressed concerns that Eagle, Torgerson and Middle lakes are not being assessed as part of the redetermination. County Ditch Inspector Kevin Fellbaum reviewed the decision not to include the three lakes in the redetermination area and provided details of that decision.

A related issue is water draining into Jolly Ann Lake, to the southwest, and maintaining the water level on Jolly Ann. This lake is in Eagle Lake Township and also in St. Olaf Township.

Once the benefited property owners are determined, all costs incurred by the ditch system (for repairs, maintenance and inspections) are assessed back to the benefited property owners.


County ditches are regulated by the County Ditch Authority which is comprised of the five-person County Board of Commissioners.

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