East Otter Tail County Fair 4-H results

LIVESTOCK SHOW RESULTS 4-H DAIRY SHOW RESULTS The East Otter Tail County Fair included six Cloverbud cattle and 51 head of dairy cattle in the dairy show held July 26. Dairy trophy winners included: -Jr. Dairy Showmanship, Chris Blashack; reserve...

Dairy Show award winners
Submitted photo Dairy Show award winners include: Dustin Lehman, Elizabeth Wippler, Jonathon Schwartz, Johanna Knor, Brittany Bachmann, Ashley Bachmann, Hanna Ruckheim, Veronica Schwartz, Blake Malone, Chris Blashack, Sam Meyer and Irene Mursu.



The East Otter Tail County Fair included six Cloverbud cattle and 51 head of dairy cattle in the dairy show held July 26.

Dairy trophy winners included:

-Jr. Dairy Showmanship, Chris Blashack; reserve, Blake Malone.


-Int. Dairy Showmanship, Brittany Bachmann; reserve, Jonathon Schwartz.

-Sr. Dairy Showmanship, Samantha Meyer; reserve, Elizabeth Wippler.

-Champion Dairy Animal, Ashley Bachmann; reserve, Brittany Bachmann.

-Top Grade Calf, Blake Malone; reserve, Dustin Lehman.

-Top Dairy Animal, Ashley Bachmann.

The judge for the dairy show was Linda Hanson of Goodridge, Minn.


The 4-H Goat Show was held on July 25. There was one Cloverbud goat and 41 other goats exhibited.


Award winners include:

-Champion Dairy Goat, Matthew Arens; reserve, Kelsi Anderson.

-Champion Boar Goat, Ellen Dauphinais; reserve, Ellen Dauphinais.

-Sr. Goat Showmanship, Hanna Ruckheim; reserve, Megan Dow.

-Int. Goat Showmanship, Megan Arens; reserve, Matthew Arens.

-Jr. Goat Showmanship, Micah Arens; reserve, Isaac Hendrickx.

The judge for the goat show was Kathy Smith, Fort Ripley, Minn.




There were five Cloverbud swine, eight gilts and 24 market swine exhibited at the fair on July 26.

Trophy winners included:

-Champion Market Swine, Gabe Geiser; reserve, Mikayla Geiser.

-Champion Breeding Swine, Dakota McClendon; reserve, Blake Malone.

-Jr. Swine Showmanship, Blake Malone; reserve, Gabe Geiser.

-Int. Swine Showmanship, Dylon Holtti; reserve, Madison Olson.

-Sr. Swine Showmanship, Ellen Dauphinais; reserve,   Leah Bauck.


Scott Dethlefsen, of Fergus Falls, was judge for the swine show.


There were six Cloverbuds and 26 poultry exhibits at the poultry show held on July 25.

Trophy winners include:

-Champion Chickens, Brandon Monson; reserve, Caleb Monson.

-Champion Waterfowl, Lacy Jacobson; reserve, Summer Dobratz.

-Champion Turkeys, Brandon Monson; reserve, Caleb Monson.

-Champion Pigeons, Sheila Stafki; reserve, Allison Stafki.


-Jr. Poultry Showmanship, Alexis Wood; reserve, Sheila Stafki.

-Int. Poultry Showmanship, Summer Dobratz; reserve, Madison Olson.

-Sr. Poultry Showmanship, Trent Jahnke; reserve, Katherine Wippler.

The judge for the poultry show was Melvin Rauch, of Stewart, Minn.


The 4-H Beef Show held July 26 included zero Cloverbuds, four cow/calf and six prospect calf projects this year.  The show also included eight market beef, five beef heifers, and two dairy steer.

Award winners include:

-Champion Market Beef, Zach Milligan; reserve, Logan Milligan.


-Champion Beef Heifer, Shawna Loerzel; reserve, Britney Loerzel.

-Champion Beef Cow/Calf, Lindsey Loerzel; reserve, Emilee White.

-Champion Feeder Dairy Steer, Jacob Ruckheim; reserve, none.

-Champion Dairy Steer, Dustin Lehman; reserve, none.

-Jr. Beef Showmanship,   Britney Loerzel; reserve, Jacob Ruckheim.

-Int. Beef Showmanship, Emilee White; reserve, Grace Ruckheim.

-Sr. Beef Showmanship:   Jenna White; reserve, Lindsey Loerzel.

The judge for the beef show was Dar Giess, of Pierz, Minn.


Rabbit cages were filled at the fair, with six Cloverbuds and 69 rabbit exhibits.  

Award winners were as follows:

-Champion Doe, Heather Weller; reserve, Kelsi Anderson.

-Champion Buck, Kelsi Anderson; reserve, Lauren Oseien.

-Champion Fryers, Megan Dow; reserve, Kelsi Anderson.

-Jr. Rabbit Showmanship, Shelby Meyer; reserve, Micah Arens.

-Int. Rabbit Showmanship, Megan Arens; reserve, Lauren Oseien.

-Sr. Rabbit Showmanship, Kelsi Anderson; reserve, Megan Badinger.

Becky Windt, of Deer River, Minn., judged the event, which was held July 25.


A total of four Cloverbud sheep and 24 head of 4-H sheep were exhibited at this year’s fair on July 25.

Award winners included:

-Champion Market Lamb, Gabe Geiser; reserve, Leah Bauck.

-Champion Ewe, Leah Bauck; reserve, Gabe Geiser.

-Jr. Sheep Showmanship, Gabe Geiser; reserve, Britney Loerzel.

-Int. Sheep Showmanship, none; reserve, none.

-Sr. Sheep Showmanship, Brooke Hendrickx; reserve, Lindsey Loerzel.

The judge for the evening was Marcus Meder, of Dalton.

Preceding the Sheep Show was the Lamb Lead, in which 4-H’ers lead their lambs and are asked questions about the wool and sheep industry.  4-H’ers receiving top honors this year were:

-Sr. Champion, Brooke Hendrickx; reserve, none.

-Jr. Champion, Moriah Geiser; reserve, Gabe Geiser.


Thirty-two horses were shown by 26 4-H’ers at the fair on July 27-28.

Trophy winners included:

-Jr. Game Horse Champion, Gretchen Genoch; reserve, Lindsay Hagerty.

-Int. Game Horse Champion, Mikayla Brauch; reserve, Tara Brown.

-Sr. Game Horse Champion, Savannah Paddock; reserve, Emily Gallmeier.

-Horse Training Champion, Kelsey Hagerty; reserve, none.

-Jr. Pleasure Horse Champion: Mikaela Niemi; reserve, Lindsay Hagerty.

-Int. Pleasure Horse Champion: Makayla Brauch; reserve, Mesa Schultz.

-Sr. Pleasure Horse Champion: Mariah Novak; reserve, Kelsey Hagerty.

The judge for this year’s horse show was Andrea Hoff from Callaway, Minn.


Dog Obedience: Champion, Ellen Dauphinais; reserve, Summer Dobratz.

Dog Showmanship: Champion, Summer Dobratz; reserve, Ellen Dauphinais.

Dog Agility: Champion, Savanna Olson; reserve, Ellen Dauphinais.

Dog Rally: Champion, Emily Gallmeier; reserve, Ellen Dauphinais.


4-H non-livestock exhibit award winners from the 2013 East Otter Tail County Fair, listed by project title, champion and reserve champion, included:

-Jr. Fine Arts: Hailey Wegscheid, Megan Arens.

-Sr. Fine Arts; Kaylee Hughes, Jenna White.

-Jr. Creative Arts: Shelby Meyer, Bailey Jacobson.

-Sr. Creative Arts: Heather Weller, Mariah Novak.

-Jr. Performing Arts: Grace Mindermann, none.

-Sr. Performing Arts: Heather Weller, none.

-Jr. Needle Arts: Anna Meech, none.

-Sr. Needle Arts: Jenna Wegscheid, Abby Sweere.

-Sr. Pets: Summer Dobratz, Heather Weller.

-Sr. Vet Science: Jonathon Schwartz, Elizabeth Wippler.

-Sr. Exploring Animals: Heather Weller, none.

-Sr. Dog: Jenna Wegscheid, none.

-Sr. Youth Leadership: Heather Weller, none.

-Jr. Citizenship: Gabriel Geiserl, Moriah Geiser.

-Sr. Citizenship: Heather Weller, none.

-Sr. Global Connections: Heather Weller, Katherine Wippler.

-Jr. Health: Grace Mindermann, none.

-Sr. Health: Megan Badinger, Heather Weller.

-Sr. Safety: Heather Weller, Emily Gallmeier.

-Jr. Self-Determined: Chris Blashack, Micah Arens.

-Sr. Self-Determined: Jenna Wegscheid, Megan Badinger.

-Jr. Constructed Clothing: Jane Gudmundson, Megan Meyer.

-Sr. Constructed Clothing: Mary Riestenberg, Heather Weller.

-Jr. Constructed Fashion Revue: Megan Arens, Mikayla Geiser.

-Sr. Constructed Fashion Revue: Heather Weller, Elizabeth Wippler.

-Jr. Purchased Clothing: Anna Meech, none.

-Sr. Purchased Clothing: Heather Weller, Kyndall Haman.

-Jr. Purchased Fashion Revue: Anna Meech, none.

-Sr. Purchased Fashion Revue: Kyndall Haman, Alyssa Studer.

-Jr. Plant and Soil Science: Blake Malone, none.

-Jr. Fruit: Hailey Wegscheid, Veronica Schwartz.

-Sr. Fruit: Heather Weller, Megan Badinger.

-Jr. Demonstrations/Illustrated Talks: Clayton Anderson, Anna Meech.

-Sr. Demonstrations/Illustrated Talks: Katherine Wippler, Elizabeth Wippler.

-Jr. Food Revue: Mikayla Geiser, Megan Arens.

-Sr. Food Revue: Matthew Arens, Elizabeth Wippler.

-Jr. Food Preservation: Aaron Lorentz, Hailey Wegscheid.

-Sr. Food Preservation: Matthew Arens, Heather Weller.

-Jr. Food and Nutrition: Micah Arens, Shelby Meyer.

-Sr. Food and Nutrition: Lauren Anderson, Heather Weller.

-Jr. Quilting: Mikayla Geiser, Tiffany Thompson,

-Sr. Quilting: Mary Riestenberg, Kyndall Haman.

-Sr. Consumer Ed.: Heather Weller, none.

-Jr. Home Environment: Moriah Geiser, none.

-Sr. Home Environment: Mary Riestenberg, none.

-Jr. Child Development: Gabe Geiser, Moriah Geiser.

-Sr. Child Development: Heather Weller, Abby Sweere.

-Jr. Tractor: Seth Johnson, none.

-Sr. Tractor: Heather Weller, none.

-Sr. Bicycle: Heather Weller, none.

-Jr. Shop: Chris Blashack, Zachary Siepker.

-Sr. Shop: Dylon Holtti, Nathan Kawlewski.

-Jr. Shooting Sports: Seth Johnson, none.

-Jr. Wildlife: Micah Arens, Seth Johnson.

-Sr. Wildlife: Matthew Arens, Heather Weller.

-Sr. Forest Resources: Nathan Kawlewski, none.

-Jr. Exploring the Environment: Zachary Siepker, none.

-Sr. Exploring the Environment: Heather Weller, none.

-Sr. Geology: Matthew Arens, none.

-Jr. Water and Wetlands: Megan Arens, none.

-Sr. Water and Wetlands: Heather Weller, none.

-Jr. Fishing Sports: Shelby Meyer Gabe Geiser

-Jr. Entomology Shelby Meyer, Megan Arens.

-Sr. Entomology: Heather Weller, none.

-Jr. Photography: Emilee White, Molly Swanz.

-Sr. Photography: Heather Weller, Summer Dobratz.

-Sr. Lawn and Landscape: Mary Riestenberg, none.

-Jr. Vegetable Gardening: Jane Gudmundson, Bailey Jacobson.

-Sr. Vegetable Gardening: Megan Badinger, Summer Dobratz.

-Jr. Flower Gardening: Megan Arens, Maggie Ingebrand.

-Sr. Flower Gardening: Megan Badinger, Summer Dobratz.

-Jr. Indoor Gardening: Anna Meech, Hailey Wegscheid.

-Sr. Indoor Gardening: Jenna Wegscheid, Jonathon Schwartz.

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