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Perham schools to open one week earlier this fall

The 2017-18 school year will begin on Aug. 28, approximately one week earlier than usual. The school board approved the early start at its meeting Wednesday night. Focus file photo

With construction of the new Perham-Dent High School expected to be well underway by fall, the school board voted on Wednesday to start the next school year on Aug. 28, about one week earlier than usual.

State law allows schools with $400,000 or more in construction projects to start classes before Labor Day.

Starting earlier means students will have the required number of class days prior to Memorial Day on May 29, so the last day of school will be May 23. Ending the school year earlier will also allow extra time for completion of renovations at Prairie Wind Middle School before the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

Four snow make-up dates were also included in the new calendar, with additional make-up days added to the end of the year, if necessary.