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Photo mockups of new Perham High School released

"The Bridge," an area overlooking the lunch room, will feature large windows and couches, designed as a place for students to hang out and study during lunch and other down times. Submitted Photo.1 / 3
The new gymnasium will be designed for three competition courts. It will be located on the site to accommodate primary athletic events. The existing PWMS gymnasium will be used primarily for the middle school, high school practice, and events requiring all available courts. Perham High School File Photo.2 / 3
The "Great Hall" will be an open floor plan utilized for lunch and other activities. It will also feature a "bridge" area overlooking the lunch room where students can study and hang out. Perham High School File Photo.3 / 3

Set to open in the Fall of 2018, the new Perham High School is well on its way, now with mockup photos of what the building will look like when it's completed.

The mockups on the website feature photos of the outside, gymnasium, lunchroom, and bridge, which will overlook the lunchroom.

When all is said and done, the new school will be able to hold a core capacity of 600-650 students, with the potential to accommodate future expansions such as a theater, stadium, and additional parking.