Back to the grind


Buses, kids, and parents hit the roads a little early this year in Perham, thanks to the new high school going up, with classes getting underway this past Monday, Aug. 28.

While some kids may not have been ready to have that morning alarm jar them out of bed just yet, others, who are in fall activities and have been practicing now for a few weeks, said summer is pretty much over anyway.

"For families with older kids in high school sports, once practice starts your summer is over, so you might as well start school," said Heart of the Lakes Elementary School teacher Ann Kostynick. "But, being a first grade teacher I also understand that for families with young ones that extra week can mean a lot in terms of just a little more family time and squeezing just a little more summer out before getting into the routine of school."

Learning the daily routine helps the first graders get over beginning of the year jitters, and Kostynick said the first day went really well with the kids both excited and nervous. Twenty-three years of experience has taught her that the nerves usually pass once the kids get familiar with their surroundings and learn the daily routine.

After all that time she still enjoys teaching first grade because of the amount of growth she sees in each student. "It's a fun grade to teach, and I know for all of the teachers our goal during the year is to make a difference with each kid."