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Bid on painted ceiling tiles to help elementary art program

Ceiling tiles from Perham High School painted by students over the years are up for auction at Whisk from Scratch. Proceeds benefit the elementary art program. (Kim Brasel / FOCUS).1 / 2
Whisk from Scratch has 29 ceiling tiles on display from the Perham high school that are up for bid. 100% of the proceeds benefit the elementary art program. (Kim Brasel / FOCUS).2 / 2

If you've been in the Perham high school and noticed the painted ceiling tiles, then you know they truly are works of art. Those pieces of art are up for auction with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the Heart of the Lakes Elementary School art program.

Carmen Kruzel, mother of Perham High School Senior, Erika Kruzel, who had the idea to auction the tiles as part of her senior project to raise money for the elementary art program, said there are currently 29 tiles on display at Whisk from Scratch that people can bid on or just buy outright.

Carmen says she got goose bumps when Erika came home and told her about the senior project because she's following in her footsteps.

"I'm a graphic designer and I have a passion for art," Carmen says. "I think it's great to see Erika doing something she loves and extending that to the younger kids."

When Erika learned the elementary school doesn't have a dedicated art program, she decided she wanted to raise money for art supplies. The school does have a retired teacher come in to do art projects several times during the year, but otherwise it's up to each classroom teacher to provide art curriculum.

Three other classmates joined her on the project—Syndey Riepe Lindsey Soule, and Megan Tellinghusien. The first part of the project was working with the elementary students on art projects. During the trimester the four girls have been visiting classrooms helping the students with canvas paintings. Some of that artwork was auctioned off at the Spooktacular dinner in October, with all proceeds going to the art fund. The second part is auctioning the ceiling tiles.

"It's important kids get to experience art in school, and I want to see it kept alive and apart of their day," Kruzel said. "I want to do what I can to promote it."

The senior projects are typically over at the end of the trimester, which is right before Thanksgiving, so the auction was going to finish up in November, but Carmen says Erika is considering extending it past when the senior project ends.

For more information on the ceiling tiles up for auction go to the Whisk from Scratch Facebook page.