Looking Back - Feb. 1 edition


25 years ago

• St. James to be torn down: Hospital Board decides it doesn't fit into long-term plans for the hospital:

The Perham Hospital Board has decided that the old St. James Hospital doesn't fit the long term plans for the hospital district, and will have it torn down.

Their decision was made at the end of a 2 ½ hour meeting last Thursday, one in which proponents and opponents to a proposed renovation spoke their piece.

Proponents homed in on the historical nature of the building, and the long term value it would have for the area. Opponents focused on the fact that the building doesn't fit into the long-term plans for the hospital district, especially if future expansions are needed; plus the fact that the renovation would cost more than new construction.

The hospital wants to solve three immediate needs: additional physical therapy space, additional occupational therapy space and to bring their retail pharmacy (East Ottertail Pharmacy) to the facility instead of renting space for it.

• Fire damages office building of Perham Auto Wrecking:

A fire did extensive damage to the attic and roof of the headquarters building at Perham Auto Wrecking last Tuesday Feb. 23rd

Owner Harold VandeStreek explains he was in his house, which is about 75 feet away, when the fire began. He walked out of the house and noticed extra smoke coming from the chimney area of the office building.

"I noticed it was smoky, and felt there was more smoke than there should be (from his wood stove), so I came running."

The building was already getting smoky so it was hard to see exactly how much the fire had progressed, he explains. But the wood stove had apparently ignited a nearby door, and the fire had used it as a path to get up to the attic.

From the Thursday, March 4, 1993 Perham Enterprise-Bulletin

50 years ago

• Smalley Smiles:

The "Old Girl" has printed the Enterprise-Bulletin for the last time. The issue you are reading is the last to be printed on our No. 2 Miehle - more affectionately know in our shop as the "Old Girl." we go to "offset printing" next week.

Printing presses have been known as "she" ever since they were invented, and the Miehle reigned as queen of the flatbeds for almost a century. Ours is Serial Number 1108 in the line, which means it was built some time in the 1880's. It's early history is obscure. We bought it 16 years ago from a Fargo printing firm because it was big enough to print four pages of the E-B at one time, compared with a two-pager we had then.

• District Twenty-Three Music Solo and Ensemble Contest:

The Perham High School music department participated in the District 23 "solo and ensemble" contest which was held in Moorehead on Saturday. Ten superior ratings were received by the following individuals and groups: Vocal solos - Arlan Dale, Barbara Weiss, Sally Kawlewski; Piano solo - Mary Jane True; Clarinet solo - Sheila Rick; Bass horn solo - Arland Dale; Saxophone quartet - Bonnie Bigler, Virginia Hawes, Paula Knuttila, Randy Seifert; Clarinet quartet - Sheila Rick, Connie Krueger Shirley Hofland, Nancy Poore; Drum duet - Sue Flatau, Mary Kimmes; Brass sextet - Barbara Meader, Mary Rose Boedigheimer, Sandy Rosen, Vince Moore, Roy Schatsneider and Lynn Evenson.

In all, over 500 music students from throughout the district participated. Perham's ten superior ratings was its best showing ever in this annual contest.

From the Thursday, February 29, 1968 Perham Enterprise-Bulletin