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After school program for children with autism or social-cognitive challenges

Starting Sept. 4, Empowering Kids will offer a daily after school program for children with autism or social-cognitive challenges for ages K-18. The afterschool program will run Monday — Thursday and include social emotional learning sessions that feature fun games and other engaging activities that develop social-emotional skills. Children will learn how to make friends, manage their emotions, solve problems and deal with peer pressure.

Children will rotate between half-hour sessions that consist of social emotional learning, snack, sensory time, homework/reading and choice time to include computers, playground, games, Legos or Wii. All of this will take place in a structured environment while always working to promote social skills use and generalization.

On Fridays, a Special Interest program for ages fourth grade and older will be offered. Many individuals with autism have untapped potential that may include visual, artistic and academic skills. The Special Interest program will further explore student's preferred knowledge subjects through readings, videos, discussions and experiments. Students will learn more about their interests, as well as others, and understand how those interests can be used to develop hobbies, avenues for social interaction and potentially careers. If a child is not yet able to function in a small group setting, one-to-one services are available to help them establish the necessary skills.

The mission of Empowering Kids is to empower children, families and the community by providing support and resources to those with autism or social-cognitive challenges; enabling a life of hope, happiness, dignity and purpose.

Please call (218) 346-2322 or go to to learn more about this program and our intake process.