The students of Perham High School paid their respects today, Dec. 12, to alumnus Charles Nord, one of three National Gaurdsmen killed in a helicopter crash in Minnesota Dec. 5.

The students wore red, white and blue in honor of Nord, a 2007 Perham High School graduate.

"We thought it would be a very respectful way to honor him this way," said Kaylie Kirchenwitz, a senior and co-president of the student council.

The word to wear red, white and blue was spread to the student body earlier this week, broadcast throughout the school and through the student council's Instagram account. The idea was well-received with close to 70% of students getting involved, said Emily VanWatermulen, a junior and co-president of the student council.

The tribute of wearing red, white and blue Thursday was not just contained to the high school: The idea spread to the middle and elementary schools, and was even adopted by some of the community said Katie Zepper, a senior and co-president of the student council. Students also wore the patriotic colors at Thursday's basketball game.

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Nord's funeral will be Monday at Perham High School, and the district has canceled school for that day. The student council co-presidents, Kirchenwitz and VanWatermulen, both suspect that many members of the student body will be in attendance at Nord's funeral.