The Perham-Dent School Board met Wednesday, Dec. 11, for its regular meeting:

COMPASSION IN ACTION: The Nov. 26 Compassion in Action day was successful, said Liz Johnson, principal at Heart of the Lakes Elementary. The event which was a half-day in the fall and will be another half-day come spring, received a lot of positive feedback from both students and parents. Fourth-grade students found eating in the high school cafeteria to be cool.

The event also appealed to the 52 high school students who helped put on the event, said Ehren Zimmerman, Perham High School principal.

ENROLLMENT: School enrollment is up 40% since the start of the school year. Ten new students have come into the system since the beginning of November. The school year started out with 1,549 students and is holding at 1,550.

CLASSES CANCELED: The board approved for the cancellation of school on Monday, Dec. 16, to be forgiven for students. Students will not be required to make up for the cancellation at a later date. The support staff will be able to make up their lost hours in January and teachers will fill their hours with independent work.

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The school cancellation was for the funeral at the high school of alumnus National Guard Chief Warrant Officer 2 Charles P. Nord, who was killed in a helicopter crash Dec. 5.

2018-19 GOALS: The "Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment" presentation touched on the 2018-19 school year's goals and whether or not those goals were met:

  • Having 70% of students being kindergarten-ready as determined by the FAST letter sound fluency assessment was met. Seventh-three out of 100 students met or exceeded expectations when tested at Heart of the Lakes Elementary. Seventy-three percent were kindergarten-ready.
  • Third-grade students performing at or above the third-grade state proficiency level in reading was met. Fifty-eight percent of students were deemed proficient on the spring 2019 MCA Reading Test.
  • The goal of all high school students completing the grade level benchmarker for Career and College ready plans using MCIS was met.
  • Having all graduates who took the ACT test having a score at or above the state composite average ACT score was not met.
  • Having 95% or more of Perham High School seniors graduate during the 2018-19 school year was met. A total of 96.4% of seniors graduated with 107 students out of 111 who graduated in 2019.