Carter Aakre and Grace Kalina were crowned the 2020 Snowball Week king and queen Monday night, Jan. 27, at the old high school auditorium.

The coronation was part of Perham High School's 2020 Snowball Week this week. The events of Snowball Week are similar to those of homecoming week in the fall, as students will have different themed dress-up days throughout the week and Snowball Week royalty.

With Madyson Melgard and Katie Zepper acting as the masters of ceremonies for the coronation festivities, the junior and senior members of the 2020 Snowball Week Royal court were introduced.

After Dannika George sang the song "Hallelujah" the members of the court took part in the royal games. Playing two rounds of "the game of telephone," with the first phrase being "feel free to follow that fellow" and end result being "free to wallow in pity." Following that was a round of "hot potato," played with a volleyball, that Stella Raser of the junior royalty won. Then the seniors played a game of "wrong answer" before the crowning took place.

The auditorium lights were dimmed as each senior was given an envelope with a glowstick in it. The elected King and Queen's envelopes contained yellow glowsticks while all the other members of the senior royal court's envelopes contained blue glowsticks.

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Perham High School's 2020 Snowball Week Queen Grace Kalina and King Carter Aakre. (RosaLin Alcoser / FOCUS)
Perham High School's 2020 Snowball Week Queen Grace Kalina and King Carter Aakre. (RosaLin Alcoser / FOCUS)

Snowball Royalty will be walking at halftime at the girl’s basketball home game on Thursday, Jan. 30. The Royalty will be present at the Mangeant, a male pageant, that is set to take place in the afternoon at the high school on Friday, Jan. 31.

2020 Snowball Royalty

Seniors: Olivea McDonald, Grace Kalina (queen), Sheridan Cortazar, Abby Tweeton, Kaylie Kirchenwitz, Ryan Murphy, Caden Bormann, Carter Aakre (king), Bailey Evenson, and Owen Werner.

Junior: Lily DeBoer, Stella Raser, Lauren Schreader, Noah Rooney, Jacob McAllister, and Gareth Covington.