Molly Fairbanks, an art teacher at Frazee High School, is creating a calm, safe space for students when they are anxious, stressed or worried. Fairbanks calls the space a "Keep Calm Zone," and she is seeking donations to help create the space.

According to the DonorsChoose page created for the cause, the "Keep Calm Zone" will be a room for students to let go of their worries and regather themselves before going back to class. Or, if they are simply missing a pencil or paper, the room will provide that. There are about 400 students in seventh through 12th grade, and the room and its supplies will be open to all of them.

But, Fairbanks needs her $532 worth of supplies to be fully funded before the room is created.

The supplies, ranging from markers, to paper, to pencil sharpeners, to couch cushion covers, will be used to redesign the room or for students to use when needed, the page said.

As of Tuesday, Feb. 11, Fairbanks still needed $428 for everything. If the project is not fully funded by Wednesday, April 1, she will not receive her materials for the room.

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To donate to Fairbanks' "Keep Calm Zone," go to and search "Keep Calm Zone" near 56544, or call the Frazee High School at 218-334-3181 for more information.