The top 10 raffle ticket sellers and the top readers at Heart of the Lakes (HOLT) Elementary School were named Friday, March 6, at an assembly in the school gym.

From Feb. 17 through March 3, students sold raffle tickets for the "HOTL Bingo" raffle on March 4. Proceeds from the $1 tickets were sold went toward the playground expansion and new equipment for the Action Based Learning Lab. The lab, also called the Brain Gym, is where students go for indoor recess when they cannot go outside, or when classes need 15-20 minutes of movement, HOLT Principal Liz Johnson said.

The school gave three claps for the top 10 ticket sellers, who each got to select a prize. They earned an extra recess and a Chalk Extravaganza. Between ticket sales and Bingo Night, $3,588 was raised, according to Johnson.

The top 10 raffle ticket sellers were:

  1. Sullivan Hendrickson with 1,070 tickets
  2. Tannar Lemon with 702 tickets
  3. Braelyn George with 610 tickets
  4. Carter Poss with 580 tickets
  5. Dru Marthaler with 520 tickets
  6. Jackson Hogenson with 510 tickets
  7. Jack Hemberger with 506 tickets
  8. Adeline Wener with 450 tickets
  9. Paxton Brummund with 447 tickets
  10. Kael Buskirk with 440 tickets
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February was "I Love To Read Month" at Heart of the Lakes. Students logged how many minutes they read in the month and completed bingo cards. All students who completed their card earned a book. The grand prize winners who read the most minutes out of the school received a gift card to Willow Book Store and a pin. The school winner, who read the most minutes in the school, also received a Goose Gang gift certificate.

School winner:

  • Kelsey Weaver, fourth grade, with 6,700 minutes

Grand prize winners:

  • Katie Lamb, first grade, with 2,320 minutes
  • Anders Anderson, second grade, with 1,770 minutes
  • Daisy Carlson, third grade, with 4,210 minutes

Honorable mentions:

  • Chloe Ganske, first grade, 1,010 minutes
  • Colter Gjerde, first grade, 1,135 minutes
  • Cade Bachman, second grade, 1,045 minutes
  • Kymree Wallgren, second grade, 1,025 minutes
  • Neveah Sass, second grade, 1,360 minutes
  • Evelyn Drewes, second grade, 1,360 minutes
  • Kierra Green, third grade, 1,595 minutes
  • Quinn Hanso, third grade, 1,404 minutes
  • Sully Hendrickson, third grade, 1,335 minutes
  • Kasen Doll, third grade, 1,055 minutes
  • Elizabeth Tupper, third grade, 1,120 minutes
  • Marilyn Villaneuva, third grade, 3,060 minutes
  • Regan Hemberger, fourth grade, 3,374 minutes
  • Kylie Lamb, fourth grade, 2,775 minutes
  • Lauren Gjerde, fourth grade, 1,135 minutes
  • Anastasia Wiley, fourth grade, 1,414 minutes
  • Brynn Freeland, fourth grade, 1,635 minutes
  • Grace Braukmen, fourth grade, 1,237 minutes
  • Kylee Smith, fourth grade, 1,166 minutes
  • Jack Hendrickson, fourth grade, 1,107 minutes
  • Charlie Trites, fourth grade, 1,236 minutes