The Catholic Daughters Court St. Rita No. 409 sponsored an education contest and hosted the winners, who read their poems, essays and explained their artwork at the March meeting. This year's theme was "Blessed are the Peacemakers" and "Living in Harmony with Others."

The first-place winners will be entered into the state and national competitions:

Division 1:

  • First Poetry: Gabriella Scraper

  • First Computer Art: Braysen Salo

  • First Art: Abigail Olstad

  • Second Art: Ava Tobkin

  • Third Art: Daisy Loerzel.

Division 2:

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  • First Poetry: Trystan Larson

  • First Essay: Same Lafond

  • First Commuter Art: Trystan Larson

  • Second Computer Art: Jaxson Pickrain

  • First Art: Ty Ronney

  • Second Art: Kallie Bachman

  • Third Art: Aiden Vetsch

Division 3:

  • First Poetry: Kya Olstad

Division 4:

  • First Place Art: Emille Olstad

  • First Place Poetry: Renne Doll.