Filing for election to the School Board of the Independent School District No. 549 Perham-Dent Public Schools begins on July 28 and will be open until 4 p.m. Aug. 11.

The general election will be Tuesday, Nov. 3, when four four-year term members and one two-year term member will be elected to the board.

The filing fee to run for the board is $2. Candidates for office must be an eligible voter, 21 years old on or before assuming office, have been a resident of the school district for a minimum of 30 days and cannot be running for any other office in the same general election.

Other news from the Wednesday, June 10, meeting of the Perham-Dent school board:

  • Whether or not distance learning will still be in place in the fall is still unknown. The possibility of the fall term being partly distance learning and partly in person could happen. However, it is the hope of the school district that fall is either all in person or all distance learning.
  • Heart of the Lakes Elementary School reported that distance learning changed communication between the school and homes as they found areas that need improvement and got a new look at their students' lives. The elementary school will be doing a modified summer school from July 28 until Aug. 6. The program will be limited to eight days to give teachers time to prepare for fall in the event that distance learning contentious.
  • Prairie Wind Middle School started summer school on May 26. The program is mainly online with six of the 38 students in the program attending classes in person. Four students have already completed all of their online work and nine have yet to start any summer school work.
  • Brian Robertson has verbally accepted the seventh-grade math position at Prairie Wind, and will be replacing Mallory Stoderl.

  • Construction at Prairie Wind is in its second week and is on schedule.

  • The first round of safety film was installed on the glass at both Heart of the Lakes and the high school.
  • The Summer Food Program started on June 1. So far the program has served between 300 and 370 meals daily, an increase from past years when 100-170 meals were served daily. The increase is likely due to more families are use to getting school meals from the program in the spring. The summer program has received the federal waver that it needs to keep running through July and August. The program is also serving hot lunches at this time.
  • The board approved the use agreement with the Lakes Area Gymnastic Booster Club for the use of the new gymnastics building and the division of construction cost. The estimated final cost of the building is about $3.5 million which the school will be responsible for about 20-25% of those costs.
  • Two bids for the 2020-21 school year milk supply were presented. The board approved the $90,122.55 bid from Prairies Farm-Land O Lakes Milk. The approved bid was the higher of the two bids; however, the decision was made because the bidder does not require a minimum per drop site and firmer pricing.
  • The next school board meeting is Wednesday, July 8, and may be conducted in person.