Filing for Candidacy for the Perham-Dent Independent School District No. 549 School Board is opening on Tuesday, July 28, and will be closing on Tuesday, Aug. 11.

According to Superintendent Mitch Anderson, there are three four-year terms up for election as board members Sue Von Ruden, Cyndy Juber, and Aaron Kalina are all at the end of their terms. He said Arnie Thompson’s two-year set on the board is also at its end.

“The two-year term is the second half of Christi Stoll’s four-year term. She resigned from the board last year,” Anderson said.

Elections for school board will be held during the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Those wishing to file their candidacy for one of the four open school board seats should obtain an affidavit of candidacy from the school district clerk at 800 Coney St. W, Perham. The filing fee for the office is $2.

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Candidates must be eligible voters, at least 21 years old or more on assuming office, must have been a resident of the School District in which they are seeking election for thirty days before the general election and must have no other affidavits on file for any other office in the same general election.