First new year meeting was a breeze for Perham council

The Perham City Council sailed through one of the fastest meetings on record Jan. 7, concluding the first session of the new year in about a half-hour.

The Perham City Council sailed through one of the fastest meetings on record Jan. 7, concluding the first session of the new year in about a half-hour.

A quick and easy meeting was the first moment of calm in months, after a hectic half-year that included the death of highly valued, longtime Councilman Jerome Boedigheimer and the departure of city manager Bob Louiseau.

It was the first regular, monthly city council meeting for Louiseau's replacement Kelcey Klemm, who was named to the post in late 2007.

Perham employees get 4 percent pay hike in 2008

Non-union city employees will receive a 4 percent raise over the course of 2008.


The Perham council approved the pay schedule, which includes a 2 percent increase effective Jan. 1 and another 2 percent increase on July 1 for full-time employees.

These increases are the same as those approved in the 2008 union contract with the city's police officers.

Council OKs 2008 appointments, committees

Official Newspaper: The official newspaper for the City of Perham shall be the Perham Enterprise Bulletin and Perham Contact, whose main publication is located in Perham, Minnesota.

Official City Depositories of City Funds: The following financial institutions shall be designated as the official city depositories: United Community Bank, Salomon/Smith/Barney Incorporated, Bremer Bank and Farmers State Bank.

Vice Mayor: In the absence of the Mayor, the Vice Mayor for the Perham City Council shall be Tim Meehl.

Administration/Finance Committee: Jim Johnson and Kevin Keil

Public Works/Safety Committee: Tim Meehl and Anita Mycke


PACC: Tim Meehl

Fire/Rescue: Kevin Keil

Golf Course Board: Kevin Keil

EDA: Harriet Mattfeld and Kevin Keil

HRA: Harriet Mattfeld

Airport Commission: Tim Meehl

Planning Commission: Anita Mycke

County Coordinating Board: Kevin Keil


Fairgrounds Task Force: Tim Meehl

Park and Recreation Board: Jim Johnson

Community members shall serve as representatives to these specific boards/committees: EDA/Denise Schornack serving a 6-year term and HRA/Kitty Krueger serving a 5-year term. All other boards/committees shall remain as is.

Legal Advisors: The firm of Happel Law Office shall be retained as the law firm responsible for legal services and advice with Dennis Happel as the primary City Attorney and prosecuting attorney.

Audit Services: The Perham City Council hereby retains Brady Martz as the firm to audit the financial records of the City of Perham.

Engineering Services: The Perham City Council hereby retains Ulteig Engineering as the engineering firm responsible for civil engineering services and advice with Chris Thorson as the primary contact.

Building official: The Perham City Council hereby appoints David Neisen as the responsible agent for building inspections for the City of Perham.

Assistant Weed Inspector: The Perham City Council hereby appoints Mayor Keil as the City Weed Inspector and Public Works Supervisor Merle Meece as the Assistant Weed Inspector.

Insurance: The Perham City Council hereby designates Overland Insurance as its agent for purposes of the City's participation in the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust. The City of Perham hereby accepts liability coverage limits of $1,200,000 from the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust for 2008.

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