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County approves $1 million superheater replacement in Perham

New equipment will be installed at the refuse burner in Perham, owned and operated by Otter Tail County and adjoining counties. Tom Hintgen/Otter Tail County Correspondent.

Assistant Solid Waste Director Zach Fjestad reported to county board members that a superheater at the Perham Resource Recovery Facility (PRRF) needs to be replaced with an evaporator bank.

He discussed the benefits of the equipment replacement and requested that Otter Tail County, as the fiscal agent for the facility, bond for the estimated cost of $900,000 to $1 million.

A motion by County Commissioner Roger Froemming of Parkers Prairie was seconded by Commissioner Lee Rogness of Fergus Falls and was unanimously carried to approve bonding for replacement equipment at the PRRF.

County Auditor-Treasurer Wayne Stein was directed to contact the county's bond counsel to start the paperwork.

Ditch 25 no longer needed as part of lake outlet plans

The drainage project for landlocked lakes, west of Perham, will be built in 2018 and no longer needs the use of Ditch 25.

Following a public hearing on Oct. 24, during a meeting of the county board of commissioners, residents of Little McDonald, Kerbs, Paul and Devils lakes will not have to pay a Ditch 25 assessment for the 2018 tax year.

County Ditch Inspector Kevin Fellbaum showed a map of the properties, the petition requesting removal of property and history of the proposed drainage project. The 2014 proposed drainage project using Ditch 25 as an outlet has been abandoned.

The old plan, with support of a $10 million grant from the Minnesota State Legislature, included moving water from the northeast side of Little McDonald Lake into the Otter Tail River, to the north. Devils Lake, northeast of Little McDonald Lake, would have tapped into the outlet.

The new plan calls for pumping water, in a northeasterly direction, from Devils Lake into the Otter Tail River. The $10 million is also available for the new route.

Rural New York Mills ditch public hearing to reconvene

A continuation of the public hearing to redetermine benefits for Ditch 48 in Otto Township, west of New York Mills, will start at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 28, at the county board room in Fergus Falls.

The main reason to reconvene the Ditch 48 hearing is to discuss the unpetitioned drainage work completed in the fall of 2010 to prevent flooding on 500th Avenue.

This water is flowing into the Ditch 48 system and there has not been a petition to enter the ditch.

County Attorney David Hauser and County Ditch Inspector Kevin Fellbaum planned to meet with Otto Township Officials to come to an agreement to fix this issue.

The properties draining water through the channel from 500th Avenue are currently included in the redetermination of the properties in the ditch.

A property owner on the system has hired a hydrologist and Fellbaum will be working with the hydrologist when information is received.

County property owner takes issue with sewage system rules

A county property owner, speaking to county commissioners, took issue with the county's onsite sewage system inspections at the time of purchase of properties.

Current septic system inspections on the owner's property designate the septic system as a failed system. However, the owner said the septic system was compliant at the time he purchased the property.

Discussion continued regarding the situation. County board members referred the issue to the County Attorney and the Land and Resource Department.