FERGUS FALLS -- Otter Tail County Administrator John Dinsmore shared some interesting facts about Otter Tail County at the Aug. 6 commission meeting. This was part of a report to the five county commissioners titled, “2019 Standard Measures for Counties.”

It is noteworthy that Otter Tail County has close to 58,000 residents and is among the largest counties geographically in the state of Minnesota.

Dinsmore and his staff implement county board decisions, policies and ordinance resolutions.

“We do our best to work for the county board and people of Otter Tail County in the most efficient, effective and fair manner as possible,” Dinsmore said.

Following are some of the facts that he shared with the county board members:

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  • In 2018-19, during the winter months, the county highway department used 25 tandem trucks to clear approximately 2,350 lane miles of road in Otter Tail County. Employees of the county respond to snow removal starting as early as 3 a.m., many times plowing and sanding roadway twice during a typical day.

  • In 2018 and 2019 the number of visitors who signed the guest book at Phelps Mill Park, the county’s only county-run park, averaged 3,882. Many more who did not sign the book come to the park for picnics and to attend the annual Phelps Mill arts and crafts festival and other activities.

  • S&P Global Ratings has assigned its AA long-term rating to Otter Tail County. This covers capital improvement bonds. Counties that receive AA ratings are deemed to be in good financial shape.

  • Otter Tail County’s veteran population is estimated at 4,645. The county’s Veterans Service Office assists veterans who received benefits they highly deserve. Included is federal assistance with VA medical care, compensation and pensions, insurance and vocational rehabilitation.