County board, state officials discuss use of CARE facility


County commissioners and county employees, on Feb. 27, met in Fergus Falls with representatives of the Minnesota Department of Human Services staff to discuss psychiatric residential treatment facility services.

The main issue was use of the Community Addiction Recovery Enterprise (CARE) building in northwest Fergus Falls.

The building is currently not being utilized for chemical dependency treatment services.

Clinicare has interest in providing Psychiatric Residential Treatment (PRT) services in the Fergus Falls facility.

County Administrator John Dinsmore provided a handout with background information and proposed that the process move forward.

After discussion, Clinicare agreed to submit a "Letter of Intent" to the county to provide PRT services in the CARE building north of the post office in Fergus Falls.

Ditch cleanout plan approved

County commissioners authorized Cory Budke, owner of Wee Villa Resort north of Fergus Falls and southeast of Pelican Rapids, to clean out a channel in Ditch No. 1 to restore the channel to its original configuration.

His work will also minimize future erosion by stabilizing the bank areas and seeding the spoils. All expenses are the responsibility of Budke.

County Highway Department technicians will be onsite during the excavation to confirm that the ditch is restored to its original design.

In another ditch issue, the county board authorized maintenance work requested by the City of New York Mills for removal of overgrown vegetation from the channel of Ditch No. 38 and Ditches 41/65.

The work will be done in consultation with County Ditch Inspector Kevin Fellbaum.

Much of the work will take place in Otto Township, west of New York Mills.

Back to drawing board for proposed breeding kennel

Plans for a dog breeding facility along with a boarding facility on the north side of Star Lake in the southern section of Dora Township will be scaled back to include just the dog breeding facility.

This comes about after county board members learned on Feb. 27 that the original plan was rejected by the county planning commission.

Area residents had expressed concerns about noise related to a boarding facility and had questions about the potential number of dogs.

Other area residents had concerns about effects on property values and surface water runoff into a nearby creek.

A new proposal will be worked on by the applicants. In future weeks a new conditional use permit application will be submitted to the County Land and Resource Department.

The new plan, related to just a dog breeding facility and not a boarding facility, will be reviewed by the planning commission which will then forward a recommendation to the county board of commissioners.

Use of detached garage for auto repair approved

County commissioners on Feb. 27 approved a conditional use permit application for use of a detached garage for automotive repair near Holbrook Lake in Dunn Township, northeast of Pelican Rapids.

The recommendation for approval came from the county planning commission. David Jones and Todd Arntson represented the application.

Pat Krone spoke in favor of the proposal as did Sue Krenda and Marty Nergaard

County dock, riparian use rule changes in the works

In efforts to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species, county commissioners and members of the county Aquatic Invasive Species Task Force periodically evaluate rules and regulations.

To that end, the county board is planning an open meeting when county residents can provide input on proposed changes to the county's dock and riparian use ordinance.

A riparian zone includes the interface between land and water.

All docks, piers, wharves and boat lifts must remain dry for 21 days before being placed in another body of water.

The public hearing will be held at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, June 5, at the County Government Services Center in Fergus Falls. This will be part of the regular county board meeting agenda.