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Perham City Council: Residential building fees amended

A change to the city of Perham's 2018 fee schedule means those building new residential homes will see an additional small fee.

Perham city council members made an amendment to the 2018 fee schedule to include a fee for plan review of residential homes after holding a public hearing on the subject.

The plan review fee for residential homes will cost 10 percent of the base building permit fee in accordance with the state statute related to the State Building Code. City councilman Jim Johnson reiterated that this change is state mandated. The amount of the fee is not set by the state but the need to have a fees is mandated. City manager Jonathan Smith explained that the decision to go with a 10 percent cost is a small charge that allows the city to follow state statute.

"It's a pretty minimal change," city manager Jonathan Smith said.

During the public hearing, one resident was heard who expressed concern about the fee and the ability of the Perham building official to review building projects. Smith explained that the building official reviews projects based on building codes, which not all contractors follow, Smith said.

Smith said the city has gone back and forth on the matter, trying to decide on how to charge a fee. Councilmember Johnson asked what happens if they don't charge a fee, to which Smith said it would mean the city was non-compliant, but it was unclear what sort of penalty came with that. Upon closing the public hearing, all council members voted in favor of approving the amendment.

Street projects

City engineer Jade Berube updated the council on street projects.

• Berube indicated the 2015 improvement project of 3rd Ave. SE should be closed out in May.

• The 3rd Street NE project is planned to be reviewed by city staff when spring arrives.

• Tuffy's is reviewing quotes and will coordinate the County 8 road closure setup, which could start April 23.

• The Coney Street mill and overlay project will be delayed until next year as the roadway hasn't deteriorated to the extent anticipated. Construction of mill and overlay may be included in another 2019 project.