FERGUS FALLS -- Otter Tail County commissioners, on Aug. 27, voted unanimously to reconvene the public hearing for the county sanitation code. The hearing will pertain to proposed revisions to the subsurface sewage treatment systems ordinance.

The public meeting will be 1 p.m. Oct. 22 at the County Government Services Center in Fergus Falls, on the northwest side of town and west of the former Regional Treatment Center.

County Land and Resource Director Chris LeClair, on Aug. 27, provided a document to the county commissioners highlighting proposed revisions to the sanitation code for subsurface sewage treatment systems.

Those revisions were based on comments received at the April 23 public hearing. LeClair briefed the county board about the proposed changes, and plans to implement the revised ordinance on Jan. 1, 2020.

LeClair will provide contractors with a copy of the current sanitation code along with the list of proposed changes presented at the Aug. 27 county board meeting.

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Capital improvements county plan outlined

County Administrator John Dinsmore and Assistant Finance Division Director Kris Vipond submitted a document titled "Capital Improvements Management Plan" to county board members on Aug. 27.

The document was designed to provide information five years in advance to determine the wants and needs of each department.

“The goal is to ask the division or county department to update the document each year,” Dinsmore said.

Vipond said she is able to provide detailed documentation from each department with the reasonings behind their requests.

“We are not asking the county board to adopt the plan at this time,” Dinsmore said, “but to use this plan as a guideline during the budgeting process.”

French elevator transportation study

A motion by county commissioner John Lindquist of Dalton and seconded by commissioner Lee Rogness of Fergus Falls was unanimously carried to approve a transportation study with SRF Consulting Group Inc. at the French elevator, west of Fergus Falls.

This motion was made, pending approval from Carlisle and Orwell Township board members. The townships are responsible for the cost of the study.