With a new tool provided by Our Maps MN, anyone can draw their own Minnesota redistricting maps.

The online tool was provided to the Minnesota House Redistricting Committee in September with the hope it would be used "to achieve fair legislative and congressional district maps that reflect input from communities, and in particular BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities," according to submitted testimony from the group to the committee.

The new tool gives users the ability to draw in different selections and analyzes those selections based on state demographic data. Users can also use the county borders overlay for guidance, as well as a population overlay, tribal boundaries, and 2018 election data.

Start drawing your own maps through the Our Maps MN website.

On the group's website, Our Maps MN stated, "This page is both the starting point and the home for creation of community maps developed through the Our Maps Minnesota Campaign. Through this campaign we work with communities to define themselves through the connections, issues and policies that are most important to them, and then enable them to create maps showing their communities for inclusion in our political maps."

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In the coming months, both the Minnesota House Redistricting Committee, controlled by the DFL, and the Minnesota Senate Redistricting Committee, controlled by the GOP, are expected to submit competing maps that may need to be decided on in state court to settle the redistricting dispute, which has been the process in recent decades.