Jackets sweep sub-section track meet

By John George If the Yellowjacket track and field team can repeat the success they had last week at the 6A Sub-Section Meet, and translate that into success at the Section 6A Championships today (May 31), then they are in for a bi...

By John George

If the Yellowjacket track and field team can repeat the success they had last week at the 6A Sub-Section Meet, and translate that into success at the Section 6A Championships today (May 31), then they are in for a big day.

Both Perham's boys and girls teams won the Sub-Section meet they hosted last Thursday. The boys will advance 11 individuals, with the girls sending 13, with both advancing two relays to the section meet. The boys will have participants in 12 of 18 events, while the girls will be in 11 of the 18.

Not a bad day.


The boys beat out Breckenridge by 12 points (122-110). The top-five individuals and the top-two relays, plus time qualifiers, advance from sub-sections to sections.

Perham had a total of four first place finishes. Two involved Kevin Lachowitzer.

The Class A cross country champ finished first in the 1600m run (4:34.91) and in the 3200m (9:46.42). In both races, be had a teammate finish second. Eddie Stenger was runner-up in the 1600m (4:41.09), while Justin Tellinghuisen was second in the 3200m (10:03.37).

The Jackets showed their depth with distance runners, as Alex Barney also qualified in the 1600m as did Nick Adkins in the 3200m.

In the shorter distance race, the 800m, Tristan Covington finished second and Bryan Paridon was fifth.

The boys also have their two distance relays moving on. The 4x800 team of Covington, Paridon, Tellinghuisen and Parker Carignan finished first with a time of 8:39.20. The 4x400 team of Covington, Paridon, Stenger and Jake Hunter finished third, but had a section qualifying time of 3:36.66.

Perham's final first place finish came from Nathan Lillis in the pole vault (12'0").

Sprinter Jared Dornbusch will advance in the 100m with a qualifying time of 11.73 after he finished sixth Thursday. He finished fifth in the 200m to move on in that event as well.


Hunter and Kurt Weber had top-five finishes in both the 110m and 300m hurdles and Mike Restad finished third in both the discus and shot put.

Mirror image

You could take out the names on the list of boys advancing to sections, and replace them with names from the girls team, and leave the list of events alone.

The Lady Jackets won the girls sub-section title with 126 points, beating out Agassiz Valley by 19 points. They did it by dominating distance events, with a pair of solid hurdlers and good throwers.

Perham had first place finishes by Brittany Gigstead (800m), Abby Anderson (1600m) and Maddie McClellan (3200m). Also qualifying in the distance events were Holly Sheets (1600m), Alli Januszewski (3200m) and Diana Tastad (3200m).

They also won both distance relays. The team of Jenna Gigstead, Sheets, Danielle Refsland and Brittany Gigstead won the 4x400, while Anderson, Januszewski, McClellan and Brittany Gigstead won the 4x800.

Becca Peloquin and Refsland qualified in both hurdle events, with Peloquin winning the 100m hurdles (17.34). Courtney Guck will also compete at sections in the 100m hurdles.

The Jackets will also have a number of field athletes. Elisa Moenkedick won the discus and finished fourth in the shot put. Heather Schultz just beat Moenkedick out with a third place finish in the shot.


Jenna Strege will advance in the pole vault and Amy Pawlowski will move on in the long jump.

Mills sending eight

Kenny Szymonowicz led the Eagle boys to a fifth place finish at sub-sections.

The senior sprinter won the 100m dash (11.31) and finished second in the 200m (23.06). He was also a part of the 4x100 relay team along with Tom Lambertson, Joel Huch and Shawn Pollock, that finished second.

Two other Eagle boys will advance in two events. Huch qualified in the long jump and high jump and Brandon Menze will move on in both the shot put and discus.

The Eagle girls will have three individuals participating at sections.

Ashley Hagen had the team's top finish, winning the high jump by clearing 5'0".

Olivia Hendrickx finished third in the 800m and Brittnie Menze finished fourth in the shot put.



The Section 6A Championships will be held at MSU-Moorhead today (May 31).

Field events are scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. with running finals set to start at 1 p.m.

Thursday, May 24

6A Sub-Section Meet (at Perham)

At Hawley

Boys Team Scores

1. Perham 122, 2. Breckenridge 110, 3. Frazee 103, 4. Hawley/Ulen-Hitterdal 76, 5. D-G-F 56, 6. Pelican Rapids 27, 7. Agassiz Valley 25, 8. Lake Park-Audubon 6, 9. Hillcrest Lutheran Academy 2.


Boys Individual

(Top-5 Individuals and Top-2 Relays plus time qualifiers advance to Sections)

100m Dash--1. Jackson (F) 11.09, 6. Jared Dornbusch (P) 11.73.

200m Dash--1. Jackson (F) 23.07, 5. Dornbusch (P) 23.90.

400m Dash--1. Rosch (F) 52.31.

800m Run--1. Marvig (HUH) 2:05.86, 2. Tristan Covington (P) 2:008.45, 4. Bryan Paridon (P) 2:09.53.

1600m Run--1. Kevin Lachowitzer (P) 4:34.91, 2. Eddie Stenger (P) 4:41.09, 4. Alex Barney (P) 4:54.50.

3200m Run--1. Lachowitzer (P) 9:46.42, 2. Justin Tellinghuisen (P) 10:03.37, 3. Nick Adkins (P) 10:25.52.


110m Hurdles--1. Daggett (F) 14.62, 2. Jake Hunter (P) 16.18, 4. Kurt Weber (P) 16.84.

300m Hurdles--1. Daggett (F) 40.44, 2. Hunter (P) 43.45, 3. Weber (P) 43.69.

4x100 Relay--1. H/U-H 44.26, 4. Perham 48.21.

4x200 Relay--1. Frazee 1:31.48, 5. Perham 1:43.87.

4x400 Relay--1. Breckenridge 3:34.68, 3. Perham 3:36.66.

4x800 Relay--1. Perham 8:39.20.

Long Jump--1. Lipp (B) 20'5".

Triple Jump--1. Jackson (F) 42'8.5".

High Jump--1. Daggett (F) 5'10", 6. Hunter (P) 5'4".

Pole Vault--1. Lillis (P) 12'0".

Discus--1. Paur (HUH) 140'7", 3. Mike Restad (P) 130'8", 8. David Tomporowski (P) 103'6.5".

Shot Put--1. Meyer (B) 45'9.5", 3. Restad (P) 42'2.5".

Girls Team Scores

1. Perham 126, 2. Agassiz Valley 107, 3. Breckenridge 81, 4. H/U-H 68, 5. LP-A 46, T-6. Pelican Rapids, Frazee 37, 8. Park Christian 27, 9. D-G-F 23, 10. Hillcrest 6.

Girls Individual

(Top-5 Individuals and Top-2 Relays plus time qualifiers advance to Sections)

100m Dash--1. Tinglestad (LPA) 12.74, 6. Leah Miller (P) 13.87.

200m Dash--1. Tinglestad (LPA) 26.36, 8. Ariel Pankonin (P) 30.28.

400m Dash--1. Tinglestad (LPA) 1:00.10.

800m Run--1. Brittany Gigstead (P) 2:21.41, 6. Maddie Covington (P) 2:39.75.

1600m Run--1. Abby Anderson (P) 5:25.03, 5. Holly Sheets (P) 5:54.78.

3200m Run--1. Maddie McClellan (P) 11:40.25, 2. Alli Januszewski (P) 12:03.36, 5. Diana Tastad (P) 12:38.50.

110m Hurdles--1. Becca Peloquin (P) 17.34, 3. Danielle Refsland (P) 17.63, 5. Courtney Guck (P) 18.23.

300m Hurdles--1. Ceirnia (HUH) 49.48, 2. Refsland (P) 49.99, 5. Peloquin (P) 53.68.

4x100 Relay--1. Park Christian 54.26, 5. Perham 55.75.

4x200 Relay--1. H/U-H 1:51.79, 4. Perham 1:57.81.

4x400 Relay--1. Perham 4:11.89.

4x800 Relay--1. Perham 9:43.70.

Long Jump--1. Erlandson (B) 14'11", 5. Amy Pawlowski (P) 14'3", 8. Jenna Strege (P) 13'9.5".

Triple Jump--1. Nord (AV) 31'8".

High Jump--1. Tollefson (LPA) 5'4".

Pole Vault--1. Sauer (F) 8'6", 3. Strege (P) 8'0".

Discus--1. Elisa Moenkedick (P) 114'6.5".

Shot Put--1. Johnson (AV) 34'3", 3. Heather Schultz (P) 33'3.5", 4. Moenkedick (P) 33'3.5".

6A Sub-Section Meet (at Pillager)

Boys Team Scores

1. Pillager 103, 2. Staples-Motley 98, 3. LP-GE 82, 4. OTC 67, 5. New York Mills 48, 6. Parkers Prairie 44, 7. Browerville/Eagle Valley 34, 8. Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 34, 9. Wadena-Deer Creek 32, 10. Upsala/Swanville 13.

Boys Individual

(Top-5 Individuals and Top-2 Relays plus time qualifiers advance to Sections)

100m Dash--1. Kenny Szymonowicz (NYM) 11.31.

200m Dash--1. Peterson (SM) 22.89, 2. Szymonowicz (NYM) 23.06.

400m Dash--1. Cook (BEV) 53.48.

800m Run--1. Hager (PP) 2:05.10.

1600m Run--1. Asfeld (WDC) 4:52.20.

3200m Run--1. Liebsch (LPGE) 10:19.10.

110m Hurdles--1. Knebel (P) 15.58.

300m Hurdles--1. Knebel (P) 40.42.

4x100 Relay--1. LPGE 46.86, 2. NYM 47.06.

4x200 Relay--1. S-M 1:36.10.

4x400 Relay--1. Pillager 3:39.10.

4x800 Relay--1. Pillager 8:56.40.

Long Jump--1. Bucholz (OTC) 21'4.75", 2. Joel Huch (NYM) 20'0".

Triple Jump--1. Tomasek (P) 39'1.5".

High Jump--1. Bucholz (OTC) 6'1", 4. Huch (NYM) 5'9".

Pole Vault--1. Martin (P) 11'6".

Discus--1. Alba (SM) 148'6.25", 3. Brandon Menze (NYM) 125'11".

Shot Put--1. Alba (SM) 47'0", 4. Menze (NYM) 41'7.5".

Girls Team Scores

1. Staples-Motley 183.5, 2. Pillager 87, 3. Wadena-Deer Creek 58.5, 4. OTC 56, 5. Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 52, 6. Browerville/Eagle Valley 47, 7. New York Mills 28, 8. LP-GE 22, 9. Parkers Prairie 22, 10. Upsala-Swanville 2.

Girls Individual

(Top-5 Individuals and Top-2 Relays plus time qualifiers advance to Sections)

100m Dash--1. Krause (P) 13.13, 8. Megan Cole (NYM) 13.97.

200m Dash--1. Lisson (SM) 26.97.

400m Dash--1. Perish (BEV) 1:00.85.

800m Run--1. Rardin (P) 2:27.90, 3. Olivia Hendrickx (NYM) 2:33.00.

1600m Run--1. Wenzel (SM) 5:43.90.

3200m Run--1. Landecker (SM) 12:07.70.

110m Hurdles--1. Pearson (SM) 17.61.

300m Hurdles--1. Pearson (SM) 50.00.

4x100 Relay--1. OTC 54.18, 5. NYM 56.93.

4x200 Relay--1. S-M 1:49.92, 5. NYM 2:00.37.

4x400 Relay--1. S-M 4:15.90.

4x800 Relay--1. S-M 10:22.20.

Long Jump--1. Krause (P) 16'9".

Triple Jump--1. Nies (LPGE) 31'7".

High Jump--1. Ashley Hagen (NYM) 5'0".

Pole Vault--1. Krause (P) 8'6".

Discus--1. Pearson (SM) 102'0.5", 7. Brittnie Menze (NYM) 87'8.5", 3. .

Shot Put--1. Fredman (P) 34'3", 2. Menze (NYM) 34'0.5".

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