City makes changes to 2024 Perham Main Street project

Though much of the project remains similar to its original presentation, the city made two modifications to help reduce strain on businesses.

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Routes have been adjusted for continued road construction in the spring.
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PERHAM — The 2024 reconstruction plans for Perham's Main Street continue to progress toward their final stage. Some changes have been made to the project scope since the preliminary report was introduced a few months prior. These modifications were presented to the community during a public hearing on the evening of Monday, Feb. 13, which the city is required to hold in order to qualify for Public Facilities Authority funding.

Though much of the project remains similar to its original presentation, City Engineer Jade Berube said they made two modifications: The scope of Second Street Northeast's construction has been reduced, and the city has determined not to use concrete pavement in the downtown portion of the project.

The city decided to reduce Second Street Northeast's project scope after meeting with members of the Perham Area Chamber of Commerce and other downtown businesses. The change was made to address concerns addressed during these meetings with the roadway, traffic flow and general needs of having the street available.

The decision to not use concrete pavement to replace the street and surfaces was determined after completing a life cycle cost analysis. The analysis determined that the cost, timing and other requirements to add concrete downtown would be too high, regardless of the material's long life cycle.

With these decisions, the total project cost for the Main Street portion will be about $7.82 million. The total project cost of the Second Avenue Northeast portion will be about $1.13 million. Together, the total cost of the 2024 street project will be about $8.95 million.


Of these costs, about $1.74 million will come from city funds, about $6 million will come from county funds, and about $1.22 million will be assessable. The estimated assessment rates remain the same for water services ($3,950) and sewer services ($4,450), but the rate for street improvements has increased to $102 per lineal foot.

As the project moves forward and becomes more finalized, Berube said the city will have a more formal public hearing. The date of this hearing will be found in the Perham Focus and on the city's website and Facebook page .

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This graphic depicts the new scope of the 2024 Main Street project. The only major change is that the scope of the Second Street Northeast project was reduced due to traffic and roadway concerns.
Contributed / Jade Berube

At the meeting, the council also discussed:

  • The mayor and city manager signed THC license applications submitted by Disgruntled Brewing, Masterpiece Alternatives and Olson Oil One Stop.
  • The city has to complete a lead service line inventory of public and private water systems since the Lead Copper Rule Revision (LCRR) went into effect in December 2021. The city's goal is to reduce lead in drinking water. The inventory must be completed and submitted to the Minnesota Department of Health by October 2024.
  • The next regular city council meeting is scheduled for March 13, at 5:15 p.m., and the next committee of the whole meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2022, at 5:15 p.m.
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