'We will find you eventually,' Becker County sheriff says; escapee arrested outside Casey's in Detroit Lakes

The Bemidji man who escaped the Becker County Courthouse on July 6, after being sentenced to 20-months for a previous escape attempt, was arrested outside Casey's General Store on Highway 34 about eight hours after fleeing from custody.

Alexander Paul Robare
Contributed/Becker County Jail
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DETROIT LAKES — A Bemidji man who fled the Becker County Courthouse on Wednesday was apprehended about eight hours later outside Casey's General Store in Detroit Lakes.

Alexander Paul Robare, 25, was arrested at 10:27 p.m. and taken into custody without incident outside the Highway 34 gas station. Becker County Sheriff Todd Glander said his office received a tip to the area of Robare's whereabouts and law enforcement was waiting in the area. They arrested him soon after he left the convenience store.

"We received information of approximately where he was and we did surveillance on that area, and we saw him in the Casey's parking lot," said Glander. "When he came out to the south side of the lot, we had people there and arrested him without incident right there."

Becker County Sheriff Todd Glander is seeking re-election to his position, which would be for another four years.
Paula Quam / Detroit Lakes Tribune

Robare had been released on bond while awaiting his July 6 sentencing hearing, which is why he wasn't shackled in the courtroom and appeared in street clothes, Glander said. Robare had appeared on-time for a sentencing hearing on his previous escape attempt, but fled the courthouse on Wednesday after being sentenced to 20 months in prison on that charge.

"It was just a matter of circumstance," Glander said. "Obviously, if it would've been a more serious crime, different security considerations would have been looked at."


Glander said that until Robare fled the courtroom, he had been complying with the "conditions of the court."

Glander also said Robare's whereabouts in the hours immediately following the escape were unknown, but the investigation into the escape itself, including possible aiding and abetting by other parties, remains ongoing.

"That part is still under investigation," said Glander. "If there is any indication of harboring, yes, that's all part of the investigation."

Soon after Robare fled the courthouse, Becker County prosecutors filed and were granted an order of detention by the court, which would have flagged Robare's name if any other law enforcement agency outside the county had encountered him.

"He was sentenced to 20 months and he'll be in custody, in our jail, until he takes care of these new charges and then he'll do the rest of his sentence," Glander said. "Of course, it's whatever the court decides," he added.

People shouldn't run from law enforcement at any time, Glander said.

"We will find you eventually," he said. "And there are additional charges on top of that, so, do not run, comply, because nobody needs additional charges."

Glander also praised the Minnesota State Patrol, Detroit Lakes Police Department and Callaway Police Department for assisting the sheriff's office with the search for Robare. Law enforcement is collaborative effort, especially with manhunts, and without those other agencies the situation may have dragged on, he said.


"We're all out here for the same reason and we have the same mission," said Glander. "The team just gets bigger when something like this happens and we all work together to accomplish the same goal."

Since 2015, Robare has been convicted of various charges, including: assault, felony domestic assault, domestic abuse, no-contact order violations, theft, drug possession and multiple DWIs.

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