More games, more fun as Perham Pizza Ranch arcade expands

Perham Pizza Ranch recently added more space to its Fun Zone arcade to incorporate 12 new games, which will be available to play this June.

Fun Zone 2
Soon, these games won't be the only ones offered at the Perham Pizza Ranch Fun Zone.
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PERHAM — It may feel just like yesterday, but the Fun Zone arcade at the Perham Pizza Ranch has already been open and operating for over a year . After many months of success, the arcade is already expanding.

"We're busier in the restaurant because of this (arcade)," said Nick Price, Perham Pizza Ranch owner and general manager. "Last year was a record sales year for the restaurant, and I think a lot of that had to do with this (arcade). There's many factors that went in, but this was a big part of it. It's just a destination to come."

Due to the success of the arcade, and next-door businesses choosing not to use additional building space, Perham's Pizza Ranch knew it was the right time to add on. They knocked down the wall between the Fun Zone and the old party room, painted the walls and added new carpet to turn it into one giant room for the arcade.

A before and after of Perham Pizza Ranch's arcade expansion, complete with a removed wall, new carpet and paint.
Contributed / Nick Price

Windows from the outside will now look directly into the arcade, able to show off the bright lights of 12 new games that will be added: Twister, Bop-It, a "Fast and Furious" racing game, coin pushers and more. The Fun Zone was also able to expand their prize counter with the added space.

"What we're trying to do here is bring some of those higher-end games here," Price explained. Several of the new games are available to play at the Wadena Pizza Ranch arcade and have been very popular there.


Construction work for the project began about two months ago, and due to this, Pizza Ranch didn't have access to an additional party room for about a month.

Windows from the Pizza Ranch parking lot will look directly into the new arcade expansion, allowing those passing by to see the bright lights of games and fun inside.
Elizabeth Vierkant / Perham Focus

The 12 new games will arrive at the end of May, and they'll be up and running quickly after that. Price said that Pizza Ranch has a new grand opening for the expanded Fun Zone scheduled for June 3. More information will be posted on the Perham Pizza Ranch Facebook as the date approaches.

For more information about the arcade, and to plan an arcade party, visit , call 218-346-7890, or email

"Just, thank you for coming in and supporting the Fun Zone over the past year," Price said to the Perham-area community. "We're excited to have more games and options."

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