Mother and daughter open interior design business in Detroit Lakes and Perham

Carrying on their family tradition, Stacey Morris and Chelsea Brooke recently opened their own mother-daughter interior design business in Perham and Detroit Lakes.

Stacey Morris and Chelsea Brooke, the co-owners of Coral Cove Interiors, work together as mother and daughter.
Elizabeth Vierkant / Perham Focus
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PERHAM — Some families are meant to work together, even through multiple generations. This can be said for Perham and Detroit Lakes' mother-and-daughter team, Stacey Morris and Chelsea Brooke, who recently opened an interior design business together; Coral Cove Interiors.

"Sometimes you get to a point where you have to assess things, and we were at a point where we just knew we want to grow," Morris explained. "We want to be bigger. We want to kill it."

While the two are both from California, Brooke's grandmother and Morris' mother grew up in Frazee. Because of that, Morris always spent her summers in the lakes area as a kid. About ten years ago, she returned to the Perham area to live there full time, and about five years later, Brooke — who now lives in Detroit Lakes — followed.

The two worked in the design business for many years in a couple of different companies, but recently, they decided it was time to go off on their own and make their own business together. They'd built up a client list over the years, and the decision just felt right. In fact, mother-daughter businesses run in their family.

"(The name of Coral Cove Interiors) is an ode to our upbringing in San Diego and my grandmother," Brooke explained. "Her and my mom, they had a design business in San Diego throughout the '90s."


Morris started working with her mother in 1987 when she was still just a teenager, and they continued collaborating with one another for quite a while, she said. A lot of their design work was coastal-related, so that's where the name's inspiration stems from.

"I just kind of followed in her footsteps and learned," Morris shared. "I always say: 'I learned from the best.'"

Brooke continued, "And now she's kind of passed the torch. So it's a mother and daughter thing, just like it was with my grandma and my mom."

The duo thinks their coastal roots tie in well with the lake environment of Otter Tail and Becker counties. The two women love to incorporate bold colors and nature-inspired designs.

For example, they recently designed a space with a forest of green trees peaking in through the windows. Brooke explained that they wanted to take nature into the space, so they picked out a forest green velvet bed and placed it up against a feature wall painted in the same tone. The space has brown accents, similar to the bark on the trees outside.

This bedroom, designed by Coral Cove Interiors, features a monochromatic-inspired design, with the green of the bed frame matching the wall.
Contributed / Coral Cove Interiors

As a mother and daughter team, Brooke and Morris feel like they work even better together. Being from different generations and having different personal aesthetics and skillsets, they see the ability to improve their designs.

"It's nice that we don't have to sugarcoat anything," Morris shared. "We can tell it like it is. We don't have to worry about hurting each other's feelings because we know each other so well… I can problem solve really well, and I have a really good construction background.

"(Brooke) has such a fabulous eye for design that is different, and it's innovative. It's a lot of things that people haven't seen before, so I love that. I can turn to her if we're looking for something unique or if we really want to step out of the box."


Coral Cove Interiors offers a wide variety of services — both commercial and residential — such as selecting flooring or paint colors, remodeling spaces, choosing furniture and windows and more. While they mainly do interior work, Morris also has experience with exterior design. Because of that, she's able to assist clients and contractors with that.

Morris and Brooke's design process is very customizable from client to client. They start with meeting with their client, whether that's online or in-person, and get to know about who they're serving and what they like — whether that's how they want to feel in the space, the color story they want, their favorite movie or era, their travels or anything else important to their client.

Once they really get to know their customer, they go to the drawing board and enter what Brooke describes as the "mood-board phase." They use software that allows them to invite their client into a portal where the designers can propose products such as tile and paint colors.

While on this portal, clients are able to approve certain proposals. Not only is this process easy and visual, but Brooke and Morris said it also eliminates a lot of emails.

"It's kind of a fun process," Brooke said. "We found that a lot of our clients really enjoy that view."

This entryway, designed by Coral Cove Interiors, is inspired by their clients' travels to Africa.
Contributed / Coral Cove Interiors

Once everything is planned and approved, they start task management — bringing in everyone and everything needed to get the job done.

Brooke and Morris also made sure to emphasize that they have a very hands-on process throughout production. They like to be there for the client to make sure everything runs smoothly. If there's a hiccup along the way, they'll handle it with the contractors themselves.

"One of the things we really pride ourselves on is, I think we are really good communicators, and the communication process is so important," Morris said. "We also pride ourselves on being honest and transparent with our clients."


Once everything is installed, the decoration phase begins. And then, just like that, the space the client was hoping for is complete.

To learn more about Coral Cove Interiors, go to their website, . They can also be found on Facebook @coralcoveinteriors and Instagram @coralcoveinteriors . For more information or to book a consultation, contact them at 218-325-0298 or

"We really take the pressure off of our clients," Morris concluded. "Most of the time when somebody hires us, they want guidance. And so we are here to guide them through the process but also to make it fun and not stressful."

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