Overflow Creative is finding success in Perham

"I decided I wanted to branch out and do something for me again," Jamie Kopveiler said. And she did. She formed Overflow Creative, a business that offers photography, graphic design and marketing services.

Jaime Kopveiler, the creator of Overflow Creative.
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Perham often gives small businesses the tools they need to thrive, and that's something graphic designer, marketer and photographer Jaime Kopveiler has gotten to experience for herself over the past few months.

Despite having studied graphic design and harboring a long-term passion for photography, she hadn't worked in that industry full-time for many years — that is, until the COVID-19 pandemic hit two years ago.

"I decided I wanted to branch out and do something for me again," Kopveiler said. And she did.

She formed Overflow Creative, a business that offers photography, graphic design and social media marketing services. She moved into a studio space in April 2021, and soon after, that summer, moved her current office and studio at the Harmony Loft above Harmonious Architecture, at 107 West Main Street.

Kopveiler's new studio space includes spots where she can take photos for clients.
Elizabeth Vierkant / Perham Focus

"It's been amazing, compared to what I was doing at home," Kopveiler said. "It's hard to focus at home. (The new studio space) helps me get out of the house and see this is my job. Just having it, I feel more established and recognized. I'm thankful for that."


She now has a work area complete with furniture, good lighting and photography backdrops, as well as an office space where she can focus on the marketing and graphic design aspects of her job.

Overflow Creative is located in the loft above Harmonious Architecture on Perham's Main Street.
Elizabeth Vierkant / Perham Focus

Despite having a long history of photographing weddings and families, when Kopveiler started Overflow Creative, she wanted to move in a more commercial direction.

While she still does some family photography and senior pictures, she's found a passion for working with businesses. She particularly enjoys food photography and menu design, she said. She also has a history of designing logos and creating marketing materials.

While Overflow Creative is based in Perham, Kopveiler has done marketing, graphic design and photography for clients all across the country, and even a few outside of the U.S.

"I've really had to step out of my comfort zone," she said. "I've been amazed with how many people responded well."

She said the community support has been very helpful. From the Perham Chamber of Commerce to other local businesses, including other photographers and graphic designers in the area, she's seen more collaboration than competition. That support is one of the reasons she's seen success.

Kopveiler's studio space allows her to work in her own space outside of her family home.
Elizabeth Vierkant / Perham Focus

Having grown up on a farm in New York Mills, Kopveiler ran corn stands and learned business at a young age. Running Overflow Creative now, she's glad to see she's having an entrepreneurial influence on her kids.

"I'm making an impression," Kopveiler said. "And (my kids) are feeling like they can take on the world… (Overflow Creative) is a pretty family-oriented venture."


Kopveiler's daughters often go into the studio space to help out, and she sometimes collaborates with her fiancee, who's a graphic designer and illustrator. The two hope to build up Overflow Creative enough that he can eventually work there full-time.

"Everyone's been really welcoming," Kopveiler said, expressing gratitude. "I have all these plans for when I slow down, but I've had a pretty steady flow of tasks and clients."

Find more information about Overflow Creative on Facebook, Instagram, or by emailing Kopveiler at

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