Mojo the dog sniffs out crime in Otter Tail County

Zach Eifert.JPG
Mojo, a 6-year-old Dutch Shepherd, answers the call to assist the Otter Tail County Sheriff Office. This dog is under the direction of County Sheriff Patrol Sergeant Zach Eifert as part of the K-9 unit. (Submitted photo)

FERGUS FALLS -- Mojo, a Dutch Shepherd and part of the county K-9 unit under the direction of Sheriff Deputy Zach Eifert, is used in Otter Tail County when deputies engage in narcotics and evidence detection. They also assist in pursuit of fugitives and search for missing people.

Dutch Shepherds, German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Labrador retriever breeds have impressive senses of smell.

Officers such as Eifert attend classes with their dogs in order to develop unique relationships and become trusted partners. Mojo and Eifert work not only in Otter Tail County but also assist law enforcement in neighboring counties.

The are on call 24-7.

An example is a recent traffic stop when Eifert brought Mojo to sniff out drug paraphernalia in a vehicle that had been stopped by law enforcement along Interstate 94 at 5:09 a.m., southeast of Fergus Falls.


On another occasion, Mojo tracked down a fugitive in nearby Wadena County.

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