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Teachers and staff will be reporting to school during the week of August 30 for training and workshops, and students will report for their first day of school Tuesday, September 7. The doors to school will be open at 8 a.m. and we look forward to...

Teachers and staff will be reporting to school during the week of August 30 for training and workshops, and students will report for their first day of school Tuesday, September 7. The doors to school will be open at 8 a.m. and we look forward to your arrival.

Open House:

All parents and students entering pre-school through grade 12 are invited to our "Open House" on Wednesday, September 1, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

You will have an opportunity to meet your teachers, tour the school, and see your classrooms. A meal is being provided in the school cafeteria commons for everyone who attends.

Once again, our custodial staff, cleaning crew, and office staff have done an outstanding job of preparing the facility, making repairs, and making sure that requisitions have been processed and teaching materials have been delivered to the classrooms and ready for the first day. I hope to see everyone there.


Check out our website:

The school district's website is an excellent source of information about our school. I encourage you to check it out as another means of staying in touch regardless if you live close, travel, or spend the winters in a warmer climate.

Information and a means to communicate with the New York Mills Public School is only a click away, regardless of how far away you may be. I hear many positive comments about the website and parents really like the "Morning Announcements" as a means of keeping up with events, activities, and daily happenings.

Lunch/Breakfast Policy

for 2010-11:

This summer, the School Board approved a new policy that establishes a more consistent operating procedure within our Food Service Program.

The Food Service Department strives to provide a quality meal at an affordable price. Students may purchase meals when funds have been deposited into their family account or by cash payment.

We will notify you when the family account is less than $15 by sending a note home with the youngest child in each family. If your account becomes negative, a personal phone call will be made by the district office and a written notice will be mailed to encourage a deposit of money into the family account.


Although the New York Mills School is not obligated to provide meals for children whose family account is negative, we want to be flexible in this area and are willing to work out arrangements for a payment plan so the children can continue to get a quality meal at the school.

Households are encouraged to apply for free/reduced meals now or anytime during the school year. Applications are included in the School Calendar that is mailed out to all families. In addition, they can be picked up or requested at any time from the district office. If you have any questions about eligibility or would like more information, please contact Marsha Maki in the district office by stopping or calling 218-385-4202.

Food Service & Fees:

Breakfast and lunch will be served on the first day of school. There is a 10 percent increase this year for lunch, and breakfast is still free for all pre-school through grade 6 in the elementary; K-6 lunch is $1.65, 20 meals are $33, 30 meals are $49.50, full year with 5 percent discount is $271. Grades 7-12 lunch prices are $1.75, 20 meals are $35, 30 meals are $52.50, and full year with a 5 percent discount is $288. Reduced meals for K-12 are 40 cents, 20 meals are $8, and 30 meals are $12. Extra meal entrée tickets can be purchased at any time in the District Office for $1. Breakfast prices for grades 7-12 is $1, with 20 breakfasts for $20, and 30 breakfasts for $30, and a full year for $168 with a 3 percent discount. Again this year, all reduced breakfasts for K-12 will be free, and all elementary students will have free breakfast.

Milk prices are $15 per quarter or $58 for the full year. All second milk for lunch is 35 cents each.

Extra curricular fees for grades 7-8 are $40 per sport and grades 9-12 are $50 per sport. There is a family maximum of $150. The extra-curricular fee needs to be paid before the first game of any activity. The extra-curricular forms should be filled out and turned in by the first practice of the season. Forms can be picked up and turned into the high school or district office. We would like everyone in sporting activities to use a lock for a $3 deposit. At the end of the sports activities, the lock can be returned and the student will receive their deposit back.

Regular game admission prices are the same as last year, $5 for adults and $3 for students and senior citizens. Ten punch tickets will again be available for a big savings of $30 for adults for 10 punches and $20 for students and senior citizens for 10 punches.

Drivers Education will again be provided during the school day and there will be no charge to the students. Behind the Wheel will be $200 to Dist. #553 students and $250 to out of district students who do not attend school in New York Mills.


Bus route schedules will be mailed out the week before school to each family, as they were last year. If you have had a change of address this summer, please contact Bob Theisen, Transportation Director at 218-385-4205 as soon as possible. If you are new to the district or open enrolled and have not requested transportation services, please give us a call at 218-385-4201 or stop by the district office.

Please feel free to contact me at any time either by phone, e-mail, or just by stopping by the office if you have any questions or comments.

My phone number is 218-354-4201 and e-mail is . Serving the educational needs of students and families in New York Mills and the surrounding area will continue to be our strong focus.

Have a great school year!

See Next Week's EOT Focus for an informational article by Perham-Dent Superintendent Tamara Uselman

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