NYM receives pollution inspection report

The city of New York Mills has received the Compliance Evaluation Inspection (CEI) from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. The report presented the findings of an inspection of the city's Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWWTF) June 16.

The city of New York Mills has received the Compliance Evaluation Inspection (CEI) from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. The report presented the findings of an inspection of the city's Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWWTF) June 16.

The findings were presented to the city council during its regular meeting August 12.

The CEI consisted of a visual inspection of the facility and a discussion with Roger Salo, Public Works Director.

In addition, there was a review of the monthly Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) for the time period of January 1, 2008 to May 31, 2010.

Based on the results of the CEI, the overall physical condition of the plant is very well maintained.


The report reads, "The operators of this facility are doing a good job with the operation and maintenance of the facility. Routine care is taken of the system and surrounding areas."

Only one violation of the terms and conditions set forth in the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System/State Disposal System Permit was noted. DMRs and supplemental reports shall be postmarked by the 21st day of the month following the sampling period or as otherwise specified in the permit. The city failed to submit two DMRs on time.

Corrective action has been taken by the city and DMRs will be submitted on time in the future.

NYM receives Wadena thank you

The council also received a letter of thanks from Wadena Mayor Wayne Wolden on behalf of the city council and residents of the city of Wadena.

In the letter Wolden wrote, "I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for your prompt response and assistance during our recent disaster recovery efforts. Before June 17, I could never have imagined such devastation in our city. But I realize now that in times of great despair there are also a great many reasons to be thankful... I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped us during the recovery of our city. You willingly gave your time, talents, energy and resources. Our city is indebted to you."

Police chief candidates

31 applicants have applied to take over for outgoing police chief Jason Hoaby.


City staff is conducting 10 interviews with applicants with hopes of hiring a new chief soon.

Deer Creek police agreement

The council received a signed agreement from the Deer Creek mayor for 2011 police services.

Under the agreement, New York Mills will provide certain police services to Deer Creek, pursuant to an agreement dated August 27, 2001.

The letter extends the agreement for 2011. Under the terms, the city of Deer Creek is billed a monthly fee of $1503 for a service level set at 30 hours per month at $50.13 per hour.

Mill Liquors

July revenues were $73,809, the best month so far in 2010.

Meat raffles will continue every Friday night, beginning after Labor Day.


Beginning September 9, Texas hold em' poker will be held each week.

The council also approved the purchase of new freezer to hold frozen pizzas.

There will be a wine tasting Thursday, August 19 at 6 p.m. Tickets are $7.50 in advance and $10.

Fire Department

The NYM Fire Department is in the process of applying for a USDA grant to purchase a new tanker/pumper truck.

According to Chief Reed Jacobson, there may be $50,000 available for the project. The cost of the new truck is $180,000.

Jacobson noted the department has also received a pick-up from the DNR Federal Excess Vehicle Program. The DNR is allowing the department to use the truck for four months without payment. The council approved the purchase of the truck for $1,500 and the sale of another.

Jacobson also noted sirens were not sounded in NYM on June 17. A concerned citizen had written a letter to the editor of the EOT Focus suggesting she couldn't hear them. Jacobson said weather spotters were in position monitoring the storms and the sirens weren't needed. However, he went on to say that the siren system should be updated. The cost is roughly $15,000 for a new system.


Jacobson also requested the council approve a charge for fire calls due to budget strains. The suggested amount of $350 per hour was suggested. Jacobson noted many other local departments charge call fees.

"It's probably a good move during a time of financial stress," said council member Bill Warner.

Mayor Larry Hodgson opposed the request.

Council member Dianna Wallgren said, "I'm really torn on this."

The request was tabled for the time being.

Public works

  • Public Works Director noted in his report that since June 1, 16.1 inches of rain had fallen in New York Mills. As a result, crews are having a difficult time lowering the levels of the wastewater ponds. Some water has been pumped out of the runoff pond at Hidden Trails.
  • Salo has been busy working on budgets for 2011 and noted it is not easy with today's budget shortfalls but if the Public Works Department does not keep upgrading some equipment, there will be a lot more problems in the future.
  • Salo has been working with Mills Locker Plant for the best and most practical approach for making sure they have water, sewer and gas. A new sewer manhole is needed because when they bring a new sewer line close to it, it will most likely fall apart. The gas department needs to install a new natural gas line for the "new" location.
  • The 2010 S. Main project is supposed to start August 30. There has been some paper work, which needed clarifying prior to start-up.

Regional Cultural Center
The council approved the request of the Cultural Center's Executive Director, Jamie Robertson, for the second quarter allocation amount of $1,250. The support allows the center to provide culturally rich and diverse artistic events for the region to enjoy.

Robertson noted in his request, "This summer has also seen a huge increase in the number of tourists looking for information to travel into the area. Sending information on lodging, restaurants and scenic sites in an important way for us to support the local economy and repay the city for their financial assistance. As always, thank you for being an important and generous supporter of the arts in rural Minnesota."


The next meeting of the council will be September 7 at 4:30 p.m.

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