Otter Tail County delays action on Second Amendment sanctuary proposal

gun 11-23-18

FERGUS FALLS -- The Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners, which has been requested to act on a Second Amendment sanctuary resolution, continues to take this matter under advisement.

As of Thursday, Feb. 20, four county boards in Minnesota had given approval for sanctuary status.

These resolutions are designed to encourage counties to stop from enforcing certain gun-control measures that some residents believe are contrary to the Second Amendment.

Two of those measures are expanded background checks and red flag laws. Currently, those two measures have been approved by the Minnesota House but not in the state Senate.

Those who disagree with the approval of sanctuary status believe that expanded background checks don't threaten anyone's Second Amendment rights, and have the potential to save lives.


Others believe that red flag laws also are warranted, as long as due process is taken into consideration by judges.

This issue related to Second Amendment sanctuary status was taken up on Jan. 28 by the Otter Tail County Internal Services Committee.

It was determined that this matter would continue to be taken under advisement while also monitoring legislation activity relating to gun laws. In addition, the county will wait for completion of research and guidance from the Minnesota County Attorney’s Association.

It is anticipated that later this spring the Second Amendment sanctuary resolution will again be brought before the Otter Tail County Internal Services Committee for further discussion.

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