Otter Tail GOP and DFL parties meet in Perham for caucuses

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Corrections: Jordan Rasmusson is a Republican candidate for state House District 8A. The office he is seeking was wrong in a previous version of this story. Dr. Noel Collis’ name also was misspelled in that version. Both errors have been corrected below. We regret the errors.

Otter Tail County residents met Tuesday evening for the Republican and Democratic-Farmer-Labor caucuses.

The Republican Party of Otter Tail County and the Otter Tail Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party discussed resolutions to send with their elected delegates to take to the division conference and then onto the state conference.

In Perham, county Republicans met in the Heart of the Lakes Elementary School Gymnasium, with more than 40 people in attendance. They heard letters from candidates asking for the precinct's endorsement:

  • Dr. Noel Collis (US House District 7)

  • Dave Hughes (US House District 7)

  • Michelle Fischbach (US House District 7)

  • Jordan Rasmusson (state House District 8A)

Resolutions the Republican Party of Otter Tail County is sending forward:


  • That all inaugural oaths be taken on the Bible and not on any other religious book or legal document.
  • That no special treatment be given in schools to Muslim students.

The Otter Tail Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party met in the Prairie Winds Middle School Cafetorium, with more than a dozen people in attendance. One DFL candidate was in attendance to ask for the precinct's endorsement: Brittney Johnson, who is running for state Representative in House District 8A.
Resolutions the Otter Tail Democratic-Farmer-Labor Pary is sending forward:

  • For there to be no further cuts to the SNAP Program.
  • For health care in Minnesota to be more accessible for all.
  • For environmental measures to fight climate change be taken.
  • For cannabis to be available for medical use and to be removed as a title 1 drug.
  • To turn to treatment over punishment for minor drug offenses.
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