Perham Township Board moves into new meeting space

The Perham Township Board has moved out of the PACC and into a new meeting space.

Members of the Perham Township Board (l-r) supervisor Shawn Sweere, clerk Marie Ashland, treasure DJ Altstadt, and supervisor Stanly Marotz standing in front of the window cling made by JH Signs at the township's new meeting place. Not pictured supervisor Kelly Kasinia. (RosaLin Alcoser/Focus)

The Perham Township Board met in their new location for the first time on Tuesday, Jan. 5. Prior to moving to their new location, 120 Second St. SE, the board held their monthly meeting at 7 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month at the Perham Area Community Center.

The board made the decision to move from the PACC to the new location to help keep township business going while the PACC undergoes restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Perham Township Board Supervisor Shawn Sweere said.

The new meeting place is not the only change that the Perham Township Board has made. Sweere said the Township Board has also launched a new website where township residents can look up information such as land disputes, taxes, building permits, and meeting minutes.

“We’re just like the city of Perham but we do everything o the township level,” Sweere said.

“What our goal is for the township is to reach out to the township members young and old and get them involved in than what has been done in the past,” Sweere said.


Sweere said on average, about five to 10 people attend township meetings.

Part of getting more people involved is working toward getting virtual meetings over Zoom started, Perham Township Clerk Marie Ashland said.

In addition to being the new meeting place of the monthly township meeting, the new space will also be serving as the township’s election hall, Ashland said.

Sweere said township members will also be able to rent the space to hold meetings. Those wishing to do so should get into contact with the township clerk.

The township will be holding its annual meeting in the new space on the second Tuesday in March, Sweere said. He said at the annual meeting the board will be in attendance to hear any concerns that township residents may have for the year and set the levy that the board will vote on the following month.

Perham Township has a population of 827, according to Otter Tail County. The Perham Township Board is made up of five board members consisting of three supervises, one treasurer, and one clerk.

On the board is newly-elected Supervisor Stanley Marotz, retired; newly-elected treasurer DJ Altstadt, application engineer at Douglas Machine; re-elected supervisor Shawn Sweere, real estate agent at EXP Realty; Clerk Marie Ashland, Mahube-OTWA Community Action Partner; and Supervisor Kelly Karsnia, project manager at Hammer’s Construction.

For more information about the Perham Township Board visit


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