High water at Spitzer Lake, southeast of Battle Lake and west of Parkers Prairie, has resulted in the county board of commissioners contracting with an engineering firm to see what can be done to alleviate the situation.

"The lake has risen more than a foot and a half since last fall," said County Commissioner John Lindquist of Dalton.

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Lindquist represents Leaf Mountain Township, where Spitzer Lake is located.

Chris LeClair, county land and resource director, notes that the lake has no natural outlet. The lake consists of several bays and 731 square acres of water, which likely is spring fed.

County commissioners, on June 12, directed County Emergency Management Director Patrick Waletzko to help Spitzer Lake homeowners obtain county-owned sandbags for temporary relief from rising water.

Waletzko said he will work with Minnesota state officials to see if an emergency declaration could be made. That could result in state disaster financial aid.

There are two properties on the east side of Spitzer Lake which already are under water. The Inspiration Point Bible Camp is in jeopardy of flooding if water gets much higher.

Water at Spitzer Lake is well above the Ordinary High Water Mark (OHWM). With this in mind, and in order to prevent wakes (waves left behind as a boat slices through water), the county board is considering a rule to prevent boats from going faster than five miles per hour.

Lake residents have met with county employees and also representatives of the Soil and Water Conservation Districts.

"At the present time our top priorities are lowering the water level and building up roads near Spitzer Lake," said County Board Chairman Wayne Johnson of Pelican Rapids.