Sewer rate hike set in NY Mills

Effective this August sewer rates in New York Mills will be up. The NY Mills City Council has warned of the rate increases for months and last week approved the move at its July meeting.

Effective this August sewer rates in New York Mills will be up. The NY Mills City Council has warned of the rate increases for months and last week approved the move at its July meeting.

Starting with the August bills the base rate will increase from $11.70 to $25. The usage rate, which is currently $2.13 per 1,000 gallons, will increase to $3.13 per 1,000 gallons. For commercial properties the rate will be $2.63 per 1,000 gallons of water used.

According to an analysis by David Drown & Associates, the impact of the rate increase on the bills of several types of customers is shown here:

The rate increase is to help pay for the $4.3 million wastewater treatment facility upgrade. Money raised from the rate increase will be set aside to build up a reserve fund in order to make payments on the project. The rate increase will generate an estimated $12,000-$14,000 a month. The payments, set to begin in late 2007 or early 2008, will be roughly $185,000 a year and will likely continue for 20-plus years. The Council passed a resolution approving plans and specifications for the project. Bids for construction open Aug. 22 at 2 p.m.

Broadway/Highway 67


Jon Pratt of Ulteig Engineers reports this project is all but complete. There are a few minor items to finish and final payment to the contractor will be issued by next week.

Park Street

Final paving will be completed by this week and final payment will be issued.

Hidden Trails

Work is complete with the exception of some turf restoration. Written confirmation from the contractor has been received stating restoration will be completed on or shortly after Aug. 15, which is the recommended seeding date. Final payment documents have been sent to the contractor for signatures.

Country View Phase II

The city received three construction bids, with the lowest coming from Feldt Plumbing of Detroit Lakes at $453,000. The next closest bid was $550,000. The bid included $423,000 for construction and $30,000 for Lund lift station rehabilitation. The design estimate was $525,000 ($485,000 construction and $40,000 for the lift station). The engineer's recommendation is to award the contract, considering prices have been steadily increasing throughout the summer and there is a strong likelihood the city will not see this low of a price again.

City clerk resigns


Jodi Ericksrud, NY Mills City Clerk, submitted her resignation to the City Council at the end of last week's meeting. Ericksrud has been city clerk for 4 ½ years and her last day in the city office will be Aug. 1.

NY Mills Police Report

June 1 - responded to an attempted burglary of a residence in town. The homeowner was awakened by the sound of his exterior door opening and closing. The officer checked the area but found no one around.

June 4 - A car stereo stolen from a vehicle that was parked on N. Broadway and a potted plant was taken from the porch of a nearby house the same night.

June 9 - Officer investigated a domestic assault where the wife physically assaulted her husband. He didn't want her charged but just wanted it documented in case of further incidents.

June 10 - A juvenile male was arrested for assaulting his father. He was placed in Moorhead Juvenile Detention Center.

June 12 - A local man was charged with Driving After Revocation. He was given a break and was not charged with DUI.

June 13 - A Wadena man was charged with Driving With No Insurance.


June 19 - A local woman was warned that she would have to contain her dog after it bit a woman who was walking by the house. The homeowner took to tying the dog to the bumper of her car. She forgot one day, took off in her car, and drug the dog down the highway. The dog was brought to the vet in Perham and later died from its injuries.

June 19 - The NY Mills PD assisted and participated in the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics. This is a statewide fundraiser for the Special Olympics.

June 20 - A burglary was reported at the municipal pool. Some boxes of candy bars were taken as well as a fire extinguisher.

June 25 - A local woman was brought to jail after physically assaulting her teenage daughter.

June 26 - A local man was warned about driving his ATV around in his yard after a neighbor complained to the police.

June 27 - responded to a verbal domestic between a mother and her daughter at the trailer court. They didn't realize their argument had gotten loud.

June 28 - NYM officer assisted at the scene of a verbal domestic between a father and his son. Everything was pretty quiet by the time the officer arrived.

June 28 - Some children called the police to report their dad was missing and they didn't know where he was. The officer found him next door drinking beer and listening to music with the neighbors.

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