Sheriff news: Stolen vehicle recovered

County Sheriff deputies reported that a stolen vehicle was recovered March 19 in Dalton. The recovery took place at 11:16 a.m. on Main Street in downtown Dalton. An investigation was continuing as of March 20. Across Minnesota, there has been a r...

County Sheriff deputies reported that a stolen vehicle was recovered March 19 in Dalton.

The recovery took place at 11:16 a.m. on Main Street in downtown Dalton. An investigation was continuing as of March 20.

Across Minnesota, there has been a rise in auto theft the past several months. Those in law enforcement encourage motorists to double check that they have removed keys from the ignition.

They also encourage people to park their vehicles in garages, if possible.

Debit card recovered


A resident of Deer Creek recovered a stolen debit card on March 20. Also recovered was the amount of cash ($200) that the thief obtained from the using the debit card at a nearby ATM machine.

The only loss to the complainant was the $5 fee for use of the ATM machine.

Details on how the card and cash were returned to the rightful owner was not immediately available.

Scam attempted

A resident of Deer Creek, on March 20, received a call from a solicitor who persuaded the resident to say "yes" to a sales pitch. The caller then quickly ended the call.

The resident called the county sheriff office to say that if something comes up the Deer Creek resident will have the time and date when the call was made.

Scammers oftentimes record a consumer's "yes" response to maintain this is a voice signature. This signature can later be used by the scammer to pretend to be the consumer and authorize fraudulent charges via the telephone.

Theft near Vergas


Sheriff deputies reported a theft west of Vergas on March 22, along 470th Street.

Taken were a flat screen TV and satellite receiver. An investigation was continuing as of Monday, March 25.

Cow struck, killed

A cow was struck and killed by a driver west of Battle Lake shortly after midnight and in the early morning hours of March 23.

Assisting at the scene of the accident were sheriff's deputies and the Minnesota State Highway Patrol.

Mailbox theft reported

A resident in the community of Ottertail reported on March 23 the theft of contents in a package.

The report came in after the resident checked the mailbox. The package had been ripped open and the contents were taken.


Road washout reported

A roadway west of Elizabeth, at the intersection of Highway 10 and 120th Avenue, had only partial use after drivers called to report a washout due to the spring thaw.

Authorities, on March 24, were expected to position red safety flags and warning signs for oncoming drivers.

Gas drive-off reported

The General Store at Elizabeth reported a gas drive-off on March 22.

A driver left the station along Highway 59 without paying for $25.06 in gasoline. The incident took place at 10:53 a.m.

Witnesses said a late-model Mazda was being driven illegally, with no rear license plates.

Vandalism in Dalton

A home owner in Dalton called the sheriff office to report vandalism at the home on March 22.

Later, the complainant called back and said family members residing at the home likely caused the vandalism.

Stolen items from Mills found in Fergus Falls

Sheriff deputies reported on March 18 that items stolen from a location in New York Mills have been found in Fergus Falls.

Two search warrants were issued for a house on East Gustavus Avenue in Fergus Falls.

The first search warrant, served on March 6, saw the recovery of approximately $18,000 in high performance racing/tractor pulling engine parts. At that time property from a burglary reported on Jan. 8 near New York Mills also was located.

A second search warrant for the house in Fergus Falls was issued on March 14. At this time a truck load of stolen property was recovered. Included were antiques along with farm and personal items.

As of March 19 the stolen property was still being inventoried.

At the time of the second search warrant a suspect, Randy Kinneman, 52, of Fergus Falls, was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property, burglary and possession of ammunition by a prohibited person.

Another school bus stop violation reported

A driver using a cell phone and driving close to 55 miles per hour drove around a school bus that had the stop arm activated.

This took place at 5:02 p.m. on March 18 at the intersection of Highways 1 and 43, near Fish Lake and northwest of Underwood.

Authorities were interviewing possible witnesses as of March 19.

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