The Hub and PACC construction well underway

The PACC is in the process of being remodeled, and, following demolition, the old Perham High School building is being turned into the Hub, a space to be occupied by Empowering Kids and the Boys and Girls Club.

The Perham Area Community Center (Focus file photo)

Two community construction projects in Perham are making progress. The PACC is in the process of being remodeled , and, following demolition, the old Perham High School building is being turned into the Hub, a space to be occupied by Empowering Kids and the Boys and Girls Club.

The project manager, Chad Bormann with BHH Partners, offered some updates on these projects' progress.


The pool area:

  • The pool is being sandblasted, and the ceilings are being painted. Once the pool is sandblasted, it will be painted.
  • Openings for new windows have been cut in and measured. New windows being fabricated.

  • Existing ceilings and insulation have been removed. A new spray foam was applied.

  • The exterior wall has had an infiltration barrier applied for waterproofing, and the new exterior insulation and metal panel installation will start in about a week.

  • New epoxy flooring and tile work will be scheduled when the sandblasters are complete.

  • The existing locker rooms have been removed and remodeled with new walls. They've been constructed and are being painted. Installation of flooring, the ceiling and lockers will follow.

  • All work is planned to wrap up within around 4 weeks to be ready for swim season.

The back gym area:

  • The existing ceiling insulation has been removed and is being prepped for new spray foam.
  • New lighting and ductwork are being measured and will be installed when ready.

  • Existing walls have been removed to open up the upper level and to prep for the expansion into the new addition.

  • The metal building for the new fitness/playland addition has been ordered and is scheduled to arrive in August. They'll start foundation work in about a week.

  • The playland structure is ordered and scheduled for delivery toward the end of the year.

  • The schedule is still tracking as expected.

The Hub

  • All of the interior demolition of walls, floors, ductwork, electrical and more are complete. New steel supports are in place to accommodate the revised layout.

  • New walls are framed in place.

  • New mechanical and electrical systems are being brought in.

  • A new fire sprinkler system is being installed.

  • They're installing gypsum board, sound board and sound insulation on the new interior walls. They're also framing in soffits and ceilings where applicable.

  • The tie-ins at the ends of the building from the demolition of the building areas are being completed.

  • New tenant entrance elements are being installed.

  • The new exterior windows have had openings cut. Windows are fabricated, and their frames are set in place. They're awaiting the glass now.

  • Steel frames for new the exterior sunshades have been installed, and they're awaiting painting and final finishes.

  • The New Exterior Insulation Finish System has been installed and painted.

  • The new adhered membrane roof system has been installed.

  • The installation of new permanent power will begin in the next couple of weeks.

  • The project is still pushing to be complete early fall 2021, and construction is working to make up for delays from COVID-19, material shortages and more.

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