Track team shuffles line-up

By John George The fact that the boys and girls track teams at Perham High School are moving kids around from event-to-event doesnt seem to be holding them back much. The Jackets have been allowing their athletes to compete in diff...

By John George

The fact that the boys and girls track teams at Perham High School are moving kids around from event-to-event doesnt seem to be holding them back much. The Jackets have been allowing their athletes to compete in different events in different meets, showing off their depth and allowing the coaching staff to get a good look at each kids strengths and weaknesses.

We rotate our squads through events to keep them fresh and see what is their best event, head coach Mike Peterson said.

The strategy worked last Friday at D-G-F as the boys finished second and the girls finished third.


The boys finished with just three first place finishes, but the team filled in plenty of other spots in the top-six.

Caleb Anderson moved up from the sprints to win the 800m run with a time of 2:00.92. Charlie Nord was third, 14 seconds behind Anderson. Kevin Lachowitzer finished fourth.

The Jackets finished 1-2 in the 3200m run with Justin Tellinghuisen (10:25.90) beating out teammate Nick Adkins by nearly 13 seconds.

Perhams final win came from the 4x200 relay team of Alonzo Williams, Bertram Schoen, Alex Lindemann and Caleb Anderson.

Nathan Lillis earned a pair of second place finishes in the pole vault and discus. The Jackets were particularly strong in discus with Caleb Reuer and Mike Restad finishing third and fourth, respectively.

The girls came through with a pair of wins in distance runs and a relay win.

Brittany Gigstead won the 1600m run (5:25.63) ahead of teammate Maddie McClellan, who finished second.

McClellan wasnt to be outdone, however, as she beat a pair of teammates, Ali Engel and Sadie Ellenberg to win the 3200m run.


The 4x100 relay team of Becky Baumgart, Madison Gigstead, Ashley Palubicki and Leah Miller, remained unbeaten on the season with a winning time of 55.09.

Perham Invite

With the Breckenridge Invite on Thursday considered to be one of the top early season meets, the Jackets rested some athletes and had several others running different events, both boys and girls teams finished second at the Perham Invite on Tuesday. Breckenridge won both boys and girls team titles. Individual times were not available at press time.

Track & Field

Friday, April 21

at D-G-F Rebel Invite

Boys Team Scores:

1. Breckenridge 196.5, 2. Perham 138, 3. D-G-F 122, 4. Park Rapids 60, 5. Lake Park-Audubon 22.5, 6. Agassiz Valley 19.


Boys Individual Times

100m Dash--1. Longoria (DGF) 11.09, 4. Alonzo Williams (P) 11.55.

200m Dash--1. Longoria (DGF) 22.55.

400m Dash--1. Brantner (DGF) 52.66, 4. Alex Lindemann (P) 55.12.

800m Run--1. Caleb Anderson (P) 2:00.92, 3. Charlie Nord (P) 2:14.52, 4. Kevin Lachowitzer (P) 2:19.02.

1600m Run--1. Herrick (B) 4:39.80, 2. Eddie Stenger (P) 4:41.81, 3. Ethan Huwe (P) 4:53.86, 5. Bryan Paridon (P) 5:01.90.

3200m Run--1. Justin Tellinghuisen (P) 10:25.90, 2. Nick Adkins (P) 10:38.33.

110m Hurdles--1. Robertsdahl (B) 17.67, 3. Logan Schultz (P) 18.90.


300m Hurdles--1. Klostreich (B) 45.26.

4x100 Relay--1. Breckenridge 46.60, 4. Perham (Wanderi, Restad, Skow, Schoen) 50.04.

4x200 Relay--1. Perham (Williams, Schoen, Lindemann, Anderson) 1:37.26.

4x400 Relay--1. Breckenridge 3:43.47, 2. Perham (Huwe, Nord, Stenger, Lachowitzer) 3:49.11.

4x800 Relay--1. Breckenridge 9:12.660, 4. Perham (Ellenberg, Huber, Ulrich, Barney) 9:51.03.

Long Jump--1. Longoria (DGF) 207.25, 5. Williams (P) 1710.

Triple Jump--1. Lipp (B) 404.75, 2. Bertram Schoen (P) 385, 4. Lindemann (P) 380.5.

High Jump--1. Lipp (B) 510, 5. Cody Skow (P) 54.


Pole Vault--1. Leinen (B) 116, 2. Nathan Lillis (P) 110.

Discus--1. Christianson (PR) 1358, 2. Lillis (P) 1314, 3. Caleb Reuer (P) 12110, 4. Mike Restad (P) 1192.

Shot Put--1. Christianson (PR) 434, 5. Aaron Field (P) 399.

Girls Team Scores:

1. Agassiz Valley 149.5, 2. Breckenridge 147, 3. Perham 96.5, 4. Park Rapids 74, 5. LP-A 52, 6. D-G-F 33.

Girls Individual Times

100m Dash--1. Tinglestad (LPA) 12.56, 3. Becky Baumgart 13.96.

200m Dash--1. Tinglestad (LPA) 26.03, 5. Ashley Palubicki (P) 28.41.


400m Dash--1. Erlandson (B) 1:01.92, 3. Danielle Refsland (P) 1:07.18, 4. Shannon Winkels (P) 1:07.29.

800m Run--1. Maddie McClellan (P) 2:31.30, 4. Ali Engel (P) 2:35.63, 5. Sadie Ellenberg (P) 2:37.76.

1600m Run--1. Brittany Gigstead (P) 5:25.63, 2. McClellan (P) 5:36.24, 5. Alli Januszewski (P) 6:02.30.

3200m Run--1. Brendan (AV) 11:57.39.

110m Hurdles--1. Randklev (AV) 17.69, 3. Becca Peloquin (P) 17.92, 4. Danielle Refsland (P) 18.03.

300m Hurdles--1. Vertin (B) 49.38, 2. Peloquin (P) 52.92, 6. Palubicki (P) 56.11.

4x100 Relay--1. Perham (Baumgart, Gigstead, Palubicki, Miller) 55.09.

4x200 Relay--1. Park Rapids 1:58.78, 5. Perham (Halvorson, Cordes, Lubitz, Pawlowski) 2:11.36.

4x400 Relay--1. Breckenridge 4:17.20, 2. Perham (Gigstead, Winkels, Refsland, Engel) 4:19.87.

4x800 Relay--1. Agassiz Valley 10:55.52.

Long Jump--1. Erlandson (B) 1610.5.

Triple Jump--1. Vertin (B) 3411.

High Jump--1. Tollefson (LPA) 50, 4. Megan Wiebe (P) 48.

Pole Vault--1. Sayler (B) 86.

Discus--1. Moe (AV) 10511.

Shot Put--1. Sayler (B) 321.

Tuesday, April 25

Perham Invitational

Boys Team Scores:

1. Breckenridge 199, 2. Perham 148, 3. Otter Tail Central 111, 4. Parkers Prairie 68, 5. Ashby/Brandon-Evansville 15.

Boys Individual Times

Not available at press time.

Girls Team Scores:

1. Breckenridge 206, 2. Perham 121, 3. OTC 108, 4. A/B-E 74, 5. Parkers Prairie 27.

Girls Individual Times

Not available at press time.


4/27 at Breckenridge Invite 3 pm

5/2 at Hawley Invite 4:30 pm

5/4 at Pelican Rapids Invite 4 pm

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