Two more candidates aim at DFL nomination for State Senate seat

More characters have taken the stage for campaign 2006. Two Democrats have stepped forward, as the DFL prepares to put a candidate up against legislative veteran, State Sen. Cal Larson, R-Fergus Falls. Ed Schmidt of Fergus Falls announced earlier...

More characters have taken the stage for campaign 2006.

Two Democrats have stepped forward, as the DFL prepares to put a candidate up against legislative veteran, State Sen. Cal Larson, R-Fergus Falls.

Ed Schmidt of Fergus Falls announced earlier this week that he is seeking the DFL nomination for the District 10 State Senate seat. Meanwhile, Perham attorney John Minge also announced this week that he is exploring a possible run for the DFL endorsement.

Wadena broadcaster Dan Skogen announced his candidate for the DFL nomination in January.

New York Mills Mayor Randy Clarksean was the first in the ring,announcing late last year. But three weeks ago, Clarksean withdrew.


So as it stands, it will be Cal Larson for sure on the Republican side. Schmidt and Skogen squaring off for the DFL nomination--with Minge a maybe.

Precinct caucuses are coming up March 7. There wont be specific action or straw polls on the State Senate candidates at the DFL precincts--however the evolving three-way race is sure to be an informal discussion topic.

Perham attorney Minge considering a run for DFL nomination

If Minge decides to run, he will be seeking the DFL endorsement at the May 20 endorsing convention.

Minge feels that his generation is failing the next generations children. He has decided that it is time to stop talking and to start doing.

Minge wants to help push the State of Minnesota in the right direction by focusing it honestly on the real problems that we are all facing and away from those issues that divide and weaken us.

Minges area of greatest concern is health care. He thinks that health care has become too expensive not only for us as individuals but also for us as a society. He is convinced that we must and can do better and at a lesser cost.

Minge is also concerned about education. For example, he says too much of the cost of public education is being pushed down to the local level. Minge thinks that public education is one of the primary ingredients of the glue that binds us together as a society. Doing as much as we can to strengthen public education is vital to our ongoing success as a State.


Minge, 57 is a native of Worthington, His father, Raymond Minge, grew up in Fergus Falls many years ago.

He is a graduate of St. Olaf College and the University of Minnesota Law School.

He has worked on various campaigns including those of his brother former US Representative David Minge. He has served on the Otter Tail County DFL Board since 1994.

Hes been a practicing attorney since 1976; and has been with Peloquin & Minge, P.A., in Perham since 1993.

Minge and his wife Barbara have three children: Johnny (age 21), Ahna (age 19), and Raymond (age 17).

Fergus Falls psychologist makes it official in bid for State Senate

Schmidt is a psychologist employed at Lakeland Mental Health Center in Fergus Falls.

Schmidt says, I realized that I wanted to enter the political arena since remaining silent could not bring effective changes.


He's been talking to the people in District 10 and says the most important issues include health care.

It is time our politicians realize that health care is so costly that it is beyond the reach of many families and small business owners. It needs to be affordable and accessible to all, said Schmidt.

Business expansion and job creation is another issue and Schmidt supports more tax incentives for Minnesota towns.

It is time to provide adequate funding for education. It must be fair and equitable for all, he added. Our children need to be able to compete in a global economy.

Student loan programs need to be expanded; and we need to support teachers, let them teach, and give them the respect they deserve.

A healthy environment is essential for human health and happiness.

Clean waters and productive soils are basic components of our well being. There needs to be a healthy balance between economic development and resource management to promote long term sustainability. We need to be a leader in attracting industries that do not degrade the environment.

Commenting on values, Schmidt said it is time to appreciate that spirituality provides humanity with a moral beacon of light as we travel through life. If for any reason we lose sight of this beacon we will lose our sense of moral responsibility. We need to always practice compassion and fairness in our personal relationships if we are to maintain a healthy community.


Schmidt grew up on a farm near Dalton, graduated from Underwood High School, received his BA from Concordia, and his Masters and Doctorate from Ball State University in Indiana. He has taught at the university level and worked at the Veterans Medical Centers in Indiana and Iowa.

Schmidt has been married to Dr. Mary Schmidt for 30 years.

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