Twsp. elections: Race forming in Edna; Dead Lake up to five members

A long tradition of grass roots governance will continue on Tuesday, March 14 when annual township elections and meetings will be held across Minnesota.

A long tradition of grass roots governance will continue on Tuesday, March 14 when annual township elections and meetings will be held across Minnesota.

In Otter Tail County most townships will be electing a three-year supervisor and a two-year clerk. That includes the townships of Blowers, Candor, Compton, Corliss, Deer Creek, Dora, Hobart, Homestead, Otter Tail, Otto, Paddock, Perham, and Star Lake. In most instances incumbents are running unopposed to retain their current positions.

Compton Township residents will be voting again on whether or not to allow a Sunday liquor license. The measure has failed twice before.

Election contest taking shape

in Edna Township


Edna Townships incumbent clerk Darren Wiskow is not running. Lynn Brokke and Carol Nelson have both filed for that position. Chairperson Louie Sazama is running again and is being challenged by Jo Strege.

Three people have filed for the supervisor seat in Gorman Township. Voters will decide among incumbent Marlin Flatau, Jeff Janke, and Art Sazama. Incumbent Wayne Lehman is the only one who filed for clerk.

Two candidates are running for the three-year supervisor seat in Hobart Township: incumbent Ray Sonnenberg and challenger Robert Weissenstein. Clerk Diane Bruhn is not running again; Debbie Motzan is the unchallenged candidate for township clerk.

Dead Lake increases town board officers

to five member panel

Dead Lake Township has increased the number of supervisors to five people. In addition to the two-year clerk and the seat C three-year supervisor, a seat D three-year supervisor and a seat E two-year supervisor will be elected. Two candidates have filed for the seat E position; the other candidates are unopposed.

On the Dead Lake ballot will be Cheryl Harris for clerk and for supervisor Steve Langlie and Duane Bohne, who is running for the seat held by Ernie West, who has chosen not to seek re-election. The only contest in Dead Lake is for seat E, with Robert Bjornstad and Jeffrey Wells both filing.

Hammers wont run again in Rush


In Rush Lake Jim Hammers did not file to retain his supervisors seat. Curt Erickson is running unopposed for the position.

Incumbent supervisor Joe Hemmelgarn and Ed Roberts have both filed for a three-year supervisor term in Pine Lake Township.

Newtown Township clerk Kay Ann Kahilainen has filed to retain the clerk position. Newcomers Rick Ehnert and Peder Putenhoff filed respectively for the 3-year supervisor seat and a 1-year supervisors term created by the resignation of Clarence Anderson. Calvin Muckala announced he is running as a write-in candidate for the 3-year supervisor seat.

In Butler Township residents will be voting for a clerk, a 3-year supervisor, and a 2-year supervisor. Filing for the 3-year supervisor seat is incumbent Ken Hendrickx, and incumbent Harold Schossow is running for the 2-year seat. Schossow was appointed to the position when William Warner moved out of the township.

A write-in ballot is expected in Bluffton Township. Clerk, Beckie Vorderbruggen has filed for another term, however nobody filed for the three-year supervisor position.

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