A certain amount of fanfare occurs when a weather station breaks a daily temperature record. Some records, however, are less impressive than others. For example, there are certain summer records for Fargo-Moorhead that are less than impressive and would be easily broken should some warm weather happen along that day. One such day is June 8. The record high is a measly 93 degrees. This is the coolest record high on the books for June. Another easy target is July 3. The hottest July 3 was 95 degrees in 1949. All of the Fargo-Moorhead daily record highs from July 15-31 are in the 100s save two. The hottest July 23 was 97 degrees in 1894 and the hottest July 24 was 99 degrees in 1940.

For Grand Forks, the June 14 record high of 93 degrees set in 1995 is waiting to be broken, as is the July 3 record of 93 degrees set in 1959. The July 20 record of 95 degrees set in 1941 is also a relatively low bar and, by rights, would have been broken decades ago except for the random nature of weather.

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