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Letter to the Editor: America’s best days are still ahead

What a great summer we are having here in God’s Country! The Lord has made sure we are truly blessed here in Minnesota, and especially in Otter Tail County. We thank Him for all the goodness that we have enjoyed and for all that is yet to come. America’s best days are still ahead!

“We support our troops” is the theme this year for the Otter Tail County Republican Party, and it has been very well received in the many, many parades we have been a part of. 

With flags flying and patriotic music playing, candy and stickers have been handed out to lots of smiling faces along the parade routes. Many times we have been moved close to tears when a veteran would stand proudly, some laboring to make the effort, to salute our symbol of freedom.

That makes it all worth it, to show that we truly do support our troops, past, present and future.

Much support for our theme, our candidates and our party has been evident this summer and we look forward to the rest of the summer and its events.

No matter what party you are affiliated with or identify with, our troops are the reason we are free to assemble and to be part of the greatest hope called America.

On a very sad note, we lost a truly great friend and patriot when retired Congressman Arlan Stangeland answered the call of his Lord and savior and found his heavenly home. The funeral was attended by so many; a testimony of the greatness of this humble and fine public servant.  His family is living proof of what hard work, service to the community , church and country meant to Arlan. 

One of his daughters spoke of trying to tell him, “Slow down, dad, you don’t have to do it all,” and he turned to her and said, “I just don’t think I have any ‘quit’ in me.”

When it appears that there are so many things to do, when it feels like we are fighting an uphill battle against the forces that would take over this county and take her down a path she was not intended to tread, I remind myself, as we all should, that we cannot let ‘quit’ be a part of us!  Our veterans did not have ‘quit’ in them, and to honor that committment we, too, need to stand strong.

United we stand, and as I said earler, America’s best days are still ahead.

Sue Nelson, Chairperson

Republican Party of Otter Tail County