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City Council looks to get funding for improvements on truck loop, decrease downtown commercial traffic

The Perham City Council approved a resolution to apply for funds that would allow the city to make repairs on the last segment of the city's 8-mile truck loop.

City Manager Jonathan Smith said this is the first step in the process to obtain the Local Road Improvement Program funds to improve Seventh Avenue Northeast.

"The council will submit the application on December 1, and then we will find out later this winter whether or not we received the money," Smith said.

If the city does receive the money, the project would take place the summer of 2018.

According to Smith, the 8-mile truck loop encompasses County Highways 34, 80 and 8 and includes the following city streets: Coney Street West, Coney Street East, Third Street NW, and Lake Avenue.

Once improvements on the truck loop are complete, it would significantly decrease the need for heavy commercial traffic to travel through downtown Perham.

Coney West will also have some improvements made, including a bike path that will complete the bike trail system, tying into the Wildflower Trail and eventually the Perham to Pelican Regional Trail.