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Your Letter: Kenny Nelson has always been a class act

I really enjoyed reading the article on KLN Family Brands in Perham by Mr. Michael Johnson in the Detroit Lakes Tribune on March 28. I have known Kenny Nelson for over 50 years and know what a quality guy he is, so I was extremely interested in the article. You see, I met Kenny at the Army Field Hospital Unit at Hector Airport. He was the first "soldier" to come up to me to introduce himself. He asked about me and seemed truly interested in what I had to say. Any contact I have had with Kenny in the decades since has been very positive. In more recent times I only see Kenny every couple of years or so. He always greets me with a big friendly smile. He still asks what I am up to.

Kenny never tells me about the behind-the-scenes things he does for people, but I eventually hear about some, none the less. He does not seek public credit, but he does a lot for many people. Kenny attracted (and recognized) winners in his many years in business.Gary Ebeling and Mike Holper are two good examples mentioned in Mr. Johnson's article.

You likely have heard or will hear good stories about Kenny Nelson. I can assure you he is even better than the stories!—George Frankberg, Detroit Lakes