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Perham football team collects money to buy letter jacket for favorite fan

The Yellowjackets in Perham, are busy "buzzing" on this first day of school.

Not just because students are in a shiny, new school. Everyone is talking about the social media frenzy that has followed a random act of kindness. 

It's between a football team and their greatest fan, Quenten Schumacher.

"That is all we ever wanted for Quenten was acceptance and belonging, because his life is hard," said Quenten's mother, Laura Sundberg.

Quenten is the glue in this senior class. He has been the sweetheart of his spring prom. He seldom misses any game. Often leading cheers, even from a hospital bed in the Twin Cities he is thinking of his team.

"Go Yellowjackets, I want you to win Jenson, this is for you buddy," Quenten said from his hospital bed last year.

And they, in turn, send messages they are playing for him.

Cerebral palsy has not stopped this high school senior from being a teacher, leaving some incredible lessons for his classmates who surround him.

"He always shows up with a smile on his face, a positive attitude, always cheering us on from the sidelines. it is great to have someone like that," said Perham football player, Colton Kostynick.

That is why minutes before the Perham-Frazee game just days ago, this happened.

"From the football team, Q," the players said, handing a letter jacket to Quenten.

The boys on the Perham football team pooled their money and bought Quenten, or Q as they call him, his very own letter jacket.

"Looking sharp, look at that. Love you, Q," a player said.

"Love you guys," Quenten responded.

"We are just rewarding him for what he did for us. And we appreciate everything," Perham football player Jenson Beachy said.

"It was pretty cool, kind of itchy," Quenten said about the jacket.

"We want Quenten to feel, even if he is not able to practice with us, we want him to be part of the team," Perham football Ty Moser said.

"There are no words to express thanks and gratitude, I wish I could give these kids the world," his mother said.

Quenten's mother hits the nail on the head.

"Not only did Quenten need them, but they needed Quenten for these lessons in life, and it all came together I think Quenten was put into this class for a reason," his mother said.

They've all become such best friends.

These star athletes and student leaders who will leave this school in a few months, are better people because of Quenten.

"They are all good friends of mine," Quenten said.

And you can bet Quenten will have that letter jacket on Friday, September 7, when the Yellowjackets take on the Lakers in Detroit Lakes.