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County woman flees from possible abductor

Sheriff deputies reported that a female county resident, on Oct. 2, fled from a possible abduction attempt at Inspiration Peak, southeast of Battle Lake and west of Parkers Prairie.

The woman was with her five-year-old son close to 4:30 p.m. when a male between the ages of 30 and 40 requested that he take a photo of the mother and son.

When the woman declined the offer, he attempted to twice grab the woman by the wrist as she walked away with her son.

She later told sheriff deputies that she and her son then ran to their car and quickly drove away. Authorities believe the suspect was driving a dark blue Malibu.

Generator stolen

A generator was taken from a sugar beet work location along the Otter Tail County and Wilkin County border, near Foxhome.

The generator was taken from a field light used for sugar beet trucks. It is believed that the generator was taken between Sept. 30 and Oct. 1.

Authorities believe a thief or thieves drilled into a side cover in order to steal the unit. The approximate value of the generator was close to $1,000.

Missing vehicles found

Two missing vehicles, one from North Dakota, were found at two different locations in Otter Tail County.

The missing vehicle from North Dakota was found near Silent Lakes, west of Dent, on Oct. 1. This vehicle, a pickup with no license plates, was found among poplar trees.

Another missing vehicle was found at Holbrook Road, northwest of Vergas, on Oct. 1. This vehicle also had no plates.

Minnesota speeding fines range from $40 to $150

A driver north of Bluffton in northeastern Otter Tail County may face a speeding

fine totaling $150.

That's because he was clocked by sheriff deputies driving at 91 miles per hour

near the intersection of Highways 8 and 75. The time of the incident was 10:42 p.m. on

Oct. 4.

In Minnesota, drivers pay $150 for speeding tickets when driving 15 mph or more

over the speed limit.

On most roadways in Otter Tail County, aside from Interstate 94, the maximum

speed limit is 65 miles per hour.

Fines for speeding in Minnesota range from $40 to $150.

However, a maximum fine of $300 can be issued if a driver uses excess

speed in a work zone. And the fine can double if a speeding violation is

committed in a school zone, or for failing to slow down for emergency vehicles

using flashing lights.

One person injured after crash with power pole

A two-vehicle accident north of Bluffton on Oct. 5 resulted in one injury, with

one of the vehicles striking a power pole.

The accident, involving two trucks, took place at 4:35 p.m. on Highway 19. Both

vehicles were towed from the scene.

Power lines were toppled after one of the vehicles struck the power pole. Repairs

were later made by Pelican Rapids-based Lake Region Electric Power Cooperative


Sheriff deputies and the State Patrol were continuing an investigation as of

Monday, Oct. 8.

Theft of fuel reported

A farmer who lives near Highway 112, south of Fergus Falls, reported the theft of

fuel on Oct. 8. An investigation was continuing as of Oct. 8.

Don't fall for grandparent scam

Residents of Otter Tail County are reminded never to send wire money to an

unknown person. This is oftentimes part of a scam attempt.

An example, according to sheriff deputies, is the common-place grandparent

scam.The grandparent gets a call from a scam artist saying a grandchild is in distress.

The county resident is asked to have funds wired to a specified location. In some cases,

people are ordered to purchase iTune cards and submit the purchase numbers.

Amounts of money vary, with some below $1,000 and some more than $1,000.

Some county residents have lost money. The nature of international wire transfers

makes it difficult to catch the perpetrators.

"Scammers can be very persuasive," said County Sheriff Administrative Lt. Keith Van Dyke. "There's emotional distress caused by being told that a loved one is in

trouble.This can make a person abandon his or her rational thought process."

If you receive a call and are asked to wire money, hang up and call the county

sheriff office at (218) 998-8555